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Chen Zhenhong
2017-07-25 10:41  



Personal  Information

Name: Chen Zhenhong

Gender: Female

Birth: 1976

Native Place: Mao Ming City, Guangdong Province

Nationality: Han

Research  Orientation

Entrepreneurial Management and Organizational Behavior

Courses Taught

Human Resource and Management, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurial  Management, Management Communication

Educational Background

Ph. D: Management Science and Engineering, Wuhan University of  Technology 2001-2004

Master: Management Science and Engineering, Wuhan University of  Technology 1998-2001

Bachelor: Management Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology  199-1998

Work Experience

2005.2-present:  Teacher of School of Management, GDUFS.

Research Outputs and Other Projects

1. “Does  Folk Belief Influence Strategic Decisions? – Research Based on the  Supernatural Belief and Two Aspects of Chinese Executives”. Management  World. Vol. 7, 2014.

2.  “Supernatural Belief and Decisions by Chinese Entrepreneur – Reasons from the  Perspective of Management and Analysis on the Influencing Factors”. Research  on Strategic Decision. Vol. 6, 2011.

3.  “Auspicious Number Preference and Mantissa Pricing”. Modern Management  Science. Vol. 7, 011.

4.  “Comparison between Entrepreneurs and Managers in Terms of Decision Making”. Journal  of Wuhan University of Technology (Information and Management Engineering).  Vol. 5, 2010.

5. “The  Campus Entrepreneurship Model of the Dual-Track System of Enterprising Talent  Training within the University and its Strengths and Weaknesses”. Technology  and Innovation Management. Vol. 5, 2009.

6.  “Influencing Factors of Entrepreneurs’ Risk-taking Behavior When Making  Decisions – General Review of Foreign Studies”. International Economics  and Trade Research. Vol. 9, 2007.

7. “Entrepreneur’s  Perception of Risk and Decision – Entrepreneur of Wuhan “Optic Valley of  China” as an Example”. Contemporary Finance and Economics. Vol. 9,  2007.

8. “Theory  and Case Study: Entrepreneurial Decisions under Risk”. Academic Exchange.  Vol. 8, 2007.


Hosted one  project under the Ministry of Education, one Guangdong Provincial Project,  and participated in several national, ministerial and provincial projects.


Address: Room 327 of School of Business, GDUFS—College Town

Email: zhenhongchen@gdufs.edu.cn



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