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Professor LEI Xiaoqing
2017-07-25 11:51  

Personal Information

Name: Lei Xiaoqing (Yao nation)

Gender: Male


Research Direction

Service Economy and Science, Supply Chain Logistics Management, etc.

Educational Background

Graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics of South-Central Minzu College, and attained a bachelor of science degree in mathematics in 1987

Graduated from School of Business Administration of Chongqing University, and attained a master’s degree in engineering in techno-economics in 1990

Graduated from the School of Business of Sun Yat-sen University, majoring in business management, and attained a Ph.D. in management

Working Experience

1990-1999 Taught at Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University(lecturer/teaching assistant)

2000-2001 Taught at Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University(associate professor)

2002-2004 Taught at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (associate professor)

2005-Now Teaching at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (professor)

Academic Papers

Published more than 50 academic papers in authoritative journals such as Finance and Trade Economics and Chinese Journal of Management Science, among which many have been reprinted in full by reprographic materials of Renmin University of China and Xinhua Digest.

Published one monograph.

Scientific Research Projects

Presided over five provincial and ministerial level research projects and many crosswise research projects.

Teaching Courses

Logistics, International Trade Theory and Practice, International Service Trade, etc

Academic Titles

The executive director of Guangdong Services Sector Society

The executive director of Guangdong University Value Engineering Research Association

The executive director of Guangdong Technical Economy and Management Modernization Research Association.


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