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Personal Information

Gender: Male

Birth: May, 1978.

Nationality: China

Research Interests: Corporate Finance; Game Theory.

Courses Taught

Master   MBA: Corporate Finance; Managerial Economics.

        MIB: Business Models and Innovation

Bachelor   Business Valuation and Analysis


Educational History

PhD      Economics(Sun Yet-sen University,China),2005-2010

Master    Finance(University of Portsmouth, UK),2007-2009

         Economics(Sun Yet-sen University, China),2000-2003

Bachelor  International Business(Xiamen University, China),




2002-2003,  Centre for Chinese and American studies, Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University

(International Exchange Program)

2007-now, Donghai Securities and Investment Co. Ltd.(Guangzhou),

Financial Analyst.  

2008.3-2008.9 Richard Bros. Inc., London.

              Business Valuator.

Research Outputs

1.    Y. JIANG, 2012. “L'effet de la «distance linguistique» sur le commerce bilatéral: Basé sur le Canada et la Chine”. Canadian Social Science. 8(3):107-111.

2.    Y. JIANG & R.J.XU, 2012. “Mathematical Model of Dynamic Games of Imperfect Agency-based on conspiracy of SMEs and Bank managers”. Progress in Applied Mathematics. 4(1):1-8.

3.    Y. JIANG, 2009. “Treasury Bonds Interest Rate Term Structure Analysis under the Financial Crisis.” International Economics and Trade Research. (China).Vol.25 (4):47-53.

4.    Y. JIANG, 2010 .“The Implications of Fourth National Health Services Survey to Avoid Demand-side Moral Hazard.”  Health Economics Research (China). Vol. 2010(6): 16-19 Y. JIANG, 2007. “International Factor Movements and Multinational Corporations.”  In International Trade. Y.G. HE and L. Y. LU, eds. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, pp 238-262.

5.    J. LIN and Y. JIANG, 2009. “Guangdong’s Industrial Cluster and Regional Economic Development under Pan-PRD Conceptual Framework.” In Guangdong: Challenges in Development and Crisis Management. Joseph.Y.S.Cheng, ed. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press, pp127-159.

Research Funding


1.    “Political Economics in Trade and Public Participation”. Y.JIANG (PI). Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Young Scholar Funding. Nov. 12, 2008-June 1, 2010.

2.    “The Implication of EU Economic Integration for China’s Regional Development.” Y.JIANG (CI). EU-China Cooperation Funding ESOP/GD01-GDUFS-10-10. Feb. 1, 2006-Sep.1, 2009.

3.    “Sustainable Development of International Trade under the Circumstance of Globalization.” Y.JIANG (CI). Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Innovative Research Team Project. Dec.1, 2006-Nov. 1, 2008.

Awards & others

1.    One of the “Ten Outstanding Young Teachers “, Guangdong

University of Foreign Studies, 2009

2.    “MBA Excellent Teaching Awards”, Graduate Scholl of Business,

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.2011

3.    MSc with Award of “Distinction”, University of Portsmouth. U.K. 2009

4.    Scholarship for Chinese and American Studies, Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University, Center for Chinese and American Studies. 2003

5.    SASAGAWA International Exchange Fellowship (A Japanese Education Foundation) Sun Yat-sen University, 2002


AddressNo. 9 Teaching Building, Graduate School of Business

        Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.        No.2 Baiyun Aven. North, Guangzhou(510420), China




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