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LI Yongning
2017-07-24 19:53  

Personal Information

NameLi Yongning


Birth Date: Jul. 1959

Native PlaceJiangxi Province, China


Research Direction

Globalization, Industry and Enterprise  Internationalization Strategy

Courses Taught

Bachelor: Strategic Management,  Organizational Behavior, Enterprise Internationalization, Management Research  Methodology

Master: MBA Enterprise  Internationalization Courses, MIB International Business Courses

Education Background

Ph. D of Economics and  Social Science, University of Kassel

Master of Law, Sun  Yat-sen University

Bachelor of Arts in  Foreign Language, Jiangxi University (now Nanchang University)

Work Experience

1989-1991: Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen  University, Teaching Assistant, Foreign Affairs Secretary

1991-1993: Guangdong Provincial Academy  of Social Sciences Researching assistant

1994-1997: Guangzhou Academy of Social  Sciences Institute of Sociology, deputy director of the post (went to the  University of Minnesota and Harvard University for study)

1998-2009: Guangzhou Academy of Social  Sciences Institute of International Studies, researcher (studied PhD in  German University of Kassel and served as a visiting professor)

2010-2017: International Strategic  Research Institute of GDUFS and Business School, researcher (part-time job in  Space Research Institute of German Dortmund University and its foreign  instructor)

Academic Papers

Journal Articles

Hong Kong "Asian Studies"  papers, 1996

Li Yongning, two papers of “open era”,  2000-2010, (CSSCI)

Liyongning, From Growth to Development, Special Issues of the  University of Kassel2004

LiYongning, Megacity development in China, Special issues of the  National University of Singapore2007……

Conference Papers

Since 1997, began to participate in academic  conferences in the United States, Belgium, Germany, UK, Japan, Singapore,  Chile, India and other countries, submitted and published papers.

Newspaper Articles

Articles published in People's Daily  Overseas Edition, Nanfang Daily, Guangzhou Daily, etc.

Monograph and Teaching Materials

Migration and Spatial Development:  cases from the coastal and interior regions in contemporary China, Germany Kassel University & Shantou University Press, 2007

Scientific Research Projects

Project Director

Guangzhou Social Science Fund Project:  Guangzhou Urban Village Organizational Form Research

Project Participant

Germany DFG funded the development of  large-scale international cooperation in the Pearl River Delta (2005-08),  Latin American Blue Book Project in GDUFS (2016-17)


Quality Project

Chief Editor of International News,  Director of Editorial Department of Strategic Decision Research

Education Project

English Teaching Team of Business School  of GDUFS


Academic Participation

Chief Editor and Editorial Board Member  of several academic journals at home and abroad

Social Appointments

Executive Director of Guangzhou Foreign  Affairs Association

Vice President of Guangdong Province  Economists and Entrepreneurs Association (2007-2017)

Consulting Projects

Project Director

Horizontal issues of development and  management in Shenzhen and Zhongshan


Project Participant

Guangzhou draws lessons from the  international urban development projects: a case study of Frankfurt in  Guangzhou


The Excellence Award of Guangzhou City  Social Science Research Project

Guangdong Outstanding Social Science  Popularization and Expert Title (2013)

The First Prize of School Level Teaching  in GDUFS


Office: Room 327, Faculty Building, GDUFS  South Campus

E-mail: lyongning@gdufs.edu.cn


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