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DU Yuping
2017-07-25 11:12  




Name: Yuping Du

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Aug 27, 1963

Research Interest:: International Business, International Marketing, Enterprises Internationalization




Graduate: International Marketing, Marketing Management

Undergraduate: International Business, Marketing, International Business



2005.9-2009.6  Wuhan University, Ph.D of International Business Administration

2000.9-2002.2  University of Gloucestershire (England), Master of Business

Administration (Strategic Marketing)

1990.9-1993.3  Jilin University, Master of Linguistics  

1986.9-1988.7  Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Bachelor of Arts in




2010.08-2011.02  Visiting Scholar  Queensland University

2010.05-2010.07 Visiting Scholar (SACS) McGill University, School of   Businessand University of Western Ontario, Richard Ivey School of Business

2006.09-2007.07 Exchange Scholar (CCSEP)  Ryerson University, School of    


1995-2012 Marketing Consultant of many private enterprises such as Henan       Gushi Huafeng Artifact Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Yueyang Culture Co. Ltd.;                International Business Negotiator, participated in many international negotiations, negotiated with clients from over 40 countries.






English dissertations

1.  Yuping Du (2012), Hebei Dawu Group: “Building the First Family Business     Constitution in China”, in Cases in Leadership, 3rd Edition, by W.

     Glenn  Rowe and Laura Guerrero, Sage.473-483.

2.  Jim Hatch and Yuping Du (2011), “Using the Case Method: A Cultural             Imperative”, Journal of Strategy and Decision-making, Special Issue in        English, 12:72-84.

3.  Yuping Du, 2011, Hebei Dawu Group: Building the First“Family Business       Constitution” in China, Ivey Publishing HouseMay, 9B11M038.

4.  Yuping Du, Rongping Kang, and Yinbin Ke, 2008, “Understanding the growth models of Chinese multinational corporations”, International Journal of          Chinese Culture and Management, 1 (4) 2:451-478.

5.   Du Yuping and Mai Jinger, 2007, “The body shop in China: Market feasibility  research and strategy design”, Research on Organizational Innovation—2007 Proceedings of International Conference on Enterprise Engineering and        Management Innovation, at Wuhan University, June, 440-446, collected by     ISTP.

6.   Yuping Du, 2003, Haier’s Survival Strategy to Compete with World Giants,     Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 1(2):259-266


Chinese dissertations:

1.    Du, Yuping. “Innovative Asset Theory and Research and Development of       China Enterprises Internationalization”. Journal of Strategy and                    Decision-Making. Vol 1, 2012: 26-31. Republished on Innovative Policies and Management. Vol. 4, 2012.

2.    Du, Yuping. “Reflection on the Cooperation between the Pearl River Delta and Ontario in the Internationalization of Western and Chinese Medicine”.            International Economics and Trade Research. 2011. 27 (1): 41-45.

3.    Du, Yuping. “Strategic Dimensionality, Paradox and Oppositions”. Journal of Strategy and Decision-Making. Vol. 2, 2010: 90-96.

4.    Du, Yuping. “Transnational Operation of the Big Four Accounting Firms in     China”. Communication of Finance and Accounting (Academic). Vol. 9, 2008: 10-12.

5.    Du, Yuping. “National Risk Assessment in Multinational Credit Operation”.    Journal of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Vol. 17, Iss. 4. 2006: 28-31.

6.    Du, Yuping. “Analysis of the Feasibility of THE BODY SHOP Entering          Chinese Market”. China Market. July 2006:72-3.

7.    Du, Yuping. “Discussion on the Development of Chinese Export-oriented       Enterprises from Marketing Perspective”. International Economics and Trade Research. Vol. 21, Iss. 5, 2005: 75-78. (2005)

8.    Du, Yuping. “Tripartite Teaching Method for Marketing”. Finance and            Accounting Monthly. Vol.5, 2005. ISSN 1004-0994CN 42-1290/F.

9.    Du, Yuping. “New Phenomenon in the Development of Multinational              Company”. International Economic Review. Vol. 3, 2005: 1-6.



1. Internationalization of Chinese Companies: Diagnosis of the Companies’         Research and Development. China Economic Press. Mar, 2010. ISBN: 9787501795550



Research Projects:

1.     CCSEP-Canada--Chinese Scholar’s Exchange Program, Independent          Research Project: “The internationalization of Chinese companies — the       study of    successful and failed cases in Canada” Funded C$22,000 by         the  government, 2006.09 – 2007.07.

2.     Reflection on How to Introduce Ivey Cases into IMBA Education and            Combine IMBA with Chinese MBA Education. SACS, 2010.5-2010.7.

3.     Sub Topic of Organizational Management Studies in Export-oriented            Enterprises in the Pearl River Delta: Chinese Companies’ Internationalization. “211 Project” of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. 2009.9 – 2010.12

4.     Innovative Education for Applied IMBA Graduates. Division of Graduate        Student of GDUFS. 2009.9-2010.12

5.     Integration of Case Development and Case Teaching. University-level           Research Project of GDUFS. 2012.9-2013.12

6.     Marketing Case: Global Vision and Local Solution. Division of Graduate       Student of GDUFS. 2012.9-2014.12

Consultancy  Projects

2010-2012 “Cross-cultural Communication: Market Research Of China, England   and America” for Guangzhou Yueyang Culture Co. Ltd.

2008-2009 “Solution for Small and Medium-sizedExport-oriented Enterprises to    deal with Financial Crisis” for Shandong Ju’nan Lishun Artifact Co., Ltd.  

2006-2009 “Exporting Strategy for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Village and Towns” for Henan Gushi Huafeng Artifact Co. Ltd.




1. Special Award for Canadian Studies – Reflection on How to Introduce Ivey  

 Cases into IMBA Education and Combine IMBA with Chinese MBA Education. 2010.5

2. The First National Outstanding Teaching Cases for Management – Chinese    Case: Hebei Dawu Group: the First "Family Business Constitution" in China. 2010.7

3. The Third National Outstanding Teaching Cases for Management – Yunan      Mode: Innovative Financial System for Issues in Agriculture, Farmers and   Rural Areas. 2012. 10


Email: yupingdu@126.com






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