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Jiao Fangtai
2017-07-25 11:48  


        JiaoFangtai (male) was born in September 1964 in Qingzhou, Shandong Province. Jiaois a doctor of Management, professor of Economics and supervisor of Masters amdis currently a standing committee of Party Committee and Vice President ofGuangdong University of Foreign Studies.

   FromSeptember 1984 to June 1988, Jiao studied at the Department of Philosophy inXiamen University and received a bachelor's degree in philosophy. Aftergraduation in August 1988, Jiao was assigned to the Guangdong University ofForeign Studies (formerly Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Trade) to worksuccessively as a student counselor, secretary of Communist Youth League,Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch, Vice President of the school and the DeputyDirector of the Academic Affairs Office. From December 2006 to December 2013,Jiao served as Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office andDirector of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office. From December 2013 toJanuary 2016, Jiao was the Director of the University’s Academic Affairs Officeand Director of Admissions Office Director. (During the period from August 2003to August 2004, Jiao participated in the fifth group of high-level managementpersonnel training program in Guangdong Province and trained at the ShidlerBusiness School in the University of Hawaii. And from 2005 September to June2009, Jiao was engaged in the in-service study in the Economy and Management Schoolof Wuhan University and received a doctorate in management.) Since October2015, Jiao took the position of a standing committee of school party committeeand vice president of the University.

 Jiao hasbeen preoccupied with the teaching and research work in international tradepolicy, international economic cooperation, international management of enterprisesand other aspects and has been awarded the personal honorary title of Teachingand Moralizing Students in the advanced educational system of Guangdongprovince. Jiao has published over 20 academic papers in important journals suchas "Economic Daily", "International Trade", "AcademicResearch", "Southern Economy" and "Journal of WuhanUniversity" etc. As a key member, Jiao participated in the research of"Social and Economic Analysis of Guangzhou--Meizhou--Shantou Railway"and other issues commissioned by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and presidedover or participated as a major member in five provincial research projects of the"Research on regional innovation system dynamic mechanism based oninternational experience", " Inter-school exchanges and researchcooperation exploration among GDUFS and Latin American institutions of higherlearning"(including provincial education reform projects) etc. Jiao hasserved as Secretary General of Guangdong Provincial Research Center forMultinational Corporations, Director of WTO Affairs Consultation Service Centerof Guangdong Province, Chairman of Guangdong Provincial Higher EducationAssociation Foreign Culture and Education Expert Committee, Executive Directorof Guangdong Institute of Education and Management.

      Jiao tookcharge of undergraduates’ education and teaching work and non-common language trainingbase and was preoccupied with education and technical work, enrollment work,test center work, South China business school work, international cooperationand exchange work, foreign students’ education. Moreover, Jiao is also incharge of Business School, Accounting School, Sports department and Foreign Students’School.



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