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Kang Lei
2017-07-25 12:10  


Personal Information

Gender: Female

Birth: June, 1973

Nationality: Chinese

Research Interests: Moral Psychology and Employee Development

德国-滴滴斯湖-2 (8)   

Courses Taught

Master: Contemporary Business, Organizational Behavior

Bachelor: Introduction to Business, Organizational Behavior

Educational History

2010-2013, GDUFS Comparative Cultural Study, PhD

2003-2004, UCLAN Business Administration, MBA

1992-1996, GDUFS Business English, BA



1996-present: Lecturer in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies;

1997-2000Overseas Business, Pengcheng Ceramics Co. Ltd;

2008-2013: Management Consultant, Welrich Guangzhou Ltd.

2006-2010:Interpreter for Public Management Training in Universities of Oxford and Birmingham;

Research Outputs

Representative Research Publications:

1.Qiu,Y.,Kang,L.,2013.Insights from KMDD on Teaching Accounting, Higher Finance Education, Vol.3

2.Kang, L., 2012,Thoughts on the Strategic Development of Social Enterprises in China, Journal of Strategy and Decision-making, Vol.02

3. Kang, L., 2012, Strategic Options for Guangdong Enterprises in the Economic Collaboration in CAFTA, Around Southeast Asia, vol. 01

4. Kang, L., 2011, In the Name of Home-A Comparative Study on Corporate Home Culture, Theoretic Observation, vol.06

5. Kang, L., 2011, A Comparative Study of Mozi’s and Durkheim’s view of Social Solidarity from the Perspective of Managerial Ethics, Tang Du Journal, vol.05

6. Kang, L., 2009, Discussion of Employment Relationship from the Perspective of the Breach of Psychological Contract, Jiangsu Commercial Forum,vol.02

7. Kang, L., 2009, A Tentative Analysis of a Dendrite Competency Model for International Business Education, Higher Education Forum, vol.03

Active Projects as Principle Investigator:

1. Study on the history and current condition of Corporate Ethics in Guangdong;

2. Influence of KMDD on International Business Education

Consultancy Projects and Training Offered


1.    Nov.-Dec.,2012, Futian-Nikkon Logistics(Guangzhou), Training on Emotion Management and Employee Development

2.    Jan.-Feb.,2013, Guangzhou Second Municipal Kindergarten, Training on Stress Management

3.    April-June,2011-2013,Guangzhou Municipal Trade Union and its member enterprises, Trainings on Employee Development and Emotion Management

4.    March-April,2014, ICBC Guangzhou Branch, Training on Emotion Management and Career Development of Female Employees  

Awards & others

Many times as Annual Excellent Staff Awards and Outstanding Teaching Performance Awards


Address2-308, GDUFS




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