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Tang Jing
2019-10-10 19:43  

Main introduction

Name: Tang Jing

Gender: Female

Nationality: Han

Research direction

Economic Law Corporate Governance Management Scientific Research Method Entrepreneurship Design

Educational background

(including overseas training experience)

In July 2004, accepted teacher training for Guangdong institutions of higher education;

In 2013, participated in national training course for entrepreneurship training teachers and obtained certificate of entrepreneurship training (practice firm) assistant

From 2009 to 2014, studied for doctor of management in South China University of Technology and doctorate in corporate governance and corporation law.

From March to June 2016, learned in Queensland University of Technology in Australia

In 2018, accepted training for entrepreneurship course of Stanford University.

Paper publishing

Cultivation of Cultural Sense of Touch of Open-type Economy Talents

Comparison of Cross-Strait Shareholder Representative Litigation System

Discussion on Measures for EU Anti-Dumping Investigation

Study on Educational Administrative Compensation System - From the Perspective of Educational Administrative Compensation across the Taiwan straits

Study on Behavioral Intention of Overseas Students Choosing to Study in China –Interpretive Framework Based on Planned Behavior Theory

Toughness – Study on Influence of Knowledge Acquisition Model on Continuous Entrepreneurship of College Students

Empirical Analysis for Influence of Entrepreneurship Education in Universities on Entrepreneurial Effect of College Students

Exploration and Analysis for Influence of New Media on Interpersonal Communication of College Students

Study on Internal Governance Issues of Family-run Private Colleges and Countermeasures and Micro Investigation of Board Dynamic Governance

Study on Problems in Administrative Control Power in Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education

The empirical analysis under SEM model on governance effect of BOD’S power

Study on Application of Role Psychology in Campus Tort Compensation Disputes

An Empirical study on the impacts of political connection on the relationship between managerial discretion and perquisite consumption

Project situation

Study on Private Education Policy Review and Frontier Issues of Comprehensive Reform (2013WYW_0018)

Study on Influence of Genopolitics on Rent-Seeking Behavior of Enterprises and its Mechanism from the Institutional Perspective (2016A030310353) Guangdong Natural Science (preside over)

Educational science research project of Guangdong Province Study on Alliance Governance and Performance of Chinese-foreign Cooperatively-run Universities (preside over)

Study on Influence of Government Control and Ultimate Ownership on Behavior Pattern of Controlling Shareholder (participate in)

Study on Influence Mechanism of Golden-Mean Thinking of Entrepreneurs on “Family Intention - Family Business Agent Governance Mode” Relation Model (participate in)

Study on Influence of High-Level Political Diplomacy on Overseas Safety of Outward Foreign Direct Investment of China (2016A030313687) (participate in)

Monographs and teaching materials

(1) Economic law course (978-7-302-35270-9)

(2) Course of entrepreneurship management for college students (978-7-302-41042-3)

(3) Occupational guidance for economics specialty (978-7-306-04538-6)

(4) Study on Political Connection, Managerial Discretion and Company-Paid Consumption of Chinese Listed Company (978-7-03-033693-4) Economic Science Press 2016.12

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