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Jiang Shengyi
2019-10-10 19:48  


Main introduction

Name:Jiang Shengyi

Gender: Male

Nationality: Han


Research direction

Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Social Computing

Educational background (including overseas training experience)

Doctor:Huazhong University of Science and Technology Doctor of Engineering

Master:Central South University of Technology Master of Science

Undergraduate:Hunan Normal University Bachelor of Science

Paper publishing

1. Sheng-yi Jiang, Lian-xi Wang. Efficient feature selection based on correlation measure between continuous and discrete features. Information Processing Letters, 116 (2016) 203–215 (included in SCI and EI)

2. Sheng-yi Jiang, Lian-xi Wang.A clustering-based feature selection via feature separability. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 2016. (included in SCI)

3. Jiang Shengyi, Yang Bohong, Yao Juanna, Wu Meiling. A Fast Microblog Community Detection Algorithm Based on Augmented Network. Journal of Chinese Information Processing. December 2016.

4. Jiang Shengyi, Huang Weijian, Cai Maoli, Wang Lianxi. Study on Social Emotion Dictionary Construction and Emotion Analysis Method for Microblog. Journal of Chinese Information Processing. December 28, 2015.

5. Jiang Shengyi, Yang Bohong, Wang Lianxi. A Dynamic Community Adaptive Discovery Algorithm Based on Augmented Spectral Clustering. ACTAAUTOMATICA SINICA. 2015,41(12): 2017-2025

6. Jiang Shengyi, Yang Bohong, Li Minmin, Wu Meiling, Wang Lianxi. An Overlapping Community Discovery Algorithm Based on the Two-Stage Clustering, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, 2015,28 (11): 983-991

7. Shengyi Jiang, Guansong Pang. An improved K-nearest-neighbor algorithm for text categorization. Expert Systems with Applications. 2011.8 (included in SCI and EI)

8.Shengyi Jiang,Lianxi Wang.An Unsupervised Feature Selection Framework Based on Clustering. PAKDD 2011 Workshops (included in EI)

9.Shengyi Jiang,Meiling Wu. Detecting Communities and Corresponding Central Nodes in Large Networks.Communication in Computer and Information Science, 2013, 207:55-65. (included in SCI and EI)

10.Shengyi Jiang, Guansong Pang.Text Categorization Based on Unsupervised Incremental Clustering and KNN.Journal of Computational Information Systems 10: 2014.1,171-179 (included in EI)

11.Guansong Pang, Shengyi Jiang, Dongyi Chen.A Simple Integration of Social Relationship and Text Data for Identifying Potential Customers in Microblogging. ADMA2013. 2013.1 2 (included in EI)

12.Pang Guansong, Jiang Shengyi. A Generalized Cluster Centroids Classifier for Text Categorization.Information Processing and Management (IP&M).2012.11 (included in SSCI, SCI and EI)

13.Jiang Shengyi, Chen Dongyi, Wang Lianxi. Overview of Social Tag Mining Research at Home and Abroad. Library and Information Service. 2014, 58(21): 136-145

14.Jiang Shengyi, Chen Dongyi, Pang Guansong. Overview of Analysis and Research on the Credibility of Microblog Information. Library and Information Service. 2013, 57(12): 136-142.

15.Jiang Shengyi, Mai Zhikai, Pang Guansong, et al. Overview of Microblog Information Mining Technology Research. Library and Information Service. 2012, 56(17): 136-142

16.Jiang Shengyi, Hong Jie, Pang Guansong, et al. Detection of Disciplinary Research Hotspots Based on Academic Conference Essays. Information Studies: Theory & Application. 2014, 37(6): 93-9

17.Jiang Shengyi, Wang Dongqing, Liao Jingxin, Yang Yao. Automatic Extraction of Song Climaxes Based on Lyrics. Journal of Chinese Computer Systems. 2014, 35(1): 40-43

18.Jiang Shengyi, Wang Lianxi. Unsupervised Feature Selection Approach of Unbalanced Data. Journal of Chinese Computer Systems. 2013, 34(1): 63-67

19.Jiang Shengyi, Miao Bang, Wang Lianxi. Feature Weighted Clustering Algorithm for Unbalanced Data. Journal of Chinese Computer Systems. 2013, 34(8): 1809-1812

20.Jiang Shengyi, Miao Bang, Yu Wen. One-Stage Clustering Based Sampling Algorithm for Unbalanced Data. Journal of Chinese Computer Systems. 2012, 33(2): 232-236


(including scientific research and consulting projects)

Preside over the projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, including Study on Recognition and Evolution Analysis of Reverse Social Emotion for Microblog Public Events, Study on Anomaly Mining Algorithm for Data Flow, and Study on Unbalanced Data Learning Algorithm and Application, the science and technology plan project of Guangdong Province Study on Social Emotion Assessment Method and Application for Microblog Public Events, the Guangdong Province Natural Science Fund project Study on Data Mining Technology for Anti-Money Laundering, the high-level talent project of Guangdong Province Study on Unbalanced Data Learning Algorithm for Spam Identification, the natural science key project of Department of Education of Guangdong Province Study on Data Flow Anomaly Mining and Application in Fraud Detection, and the major basic research project and major application research project of Department of Education of Guangdong Province Construction of National Conditions Database for Malaysian Countries. Preside over the discipline building project of higher education institutions in Guangdong Province Study on Network Community Detection and Application. Take charge of the teaching team in Guangdong Province.

Monographs and teaching materials

1. Jiang Shengyi. Study on Clustering Based Intrusion Detection Algorithm. Science Press. August 2008.

2. Jiang Shengyi, Li Xia, Zheng Qi. Theory and Practice of Data Mining. Publishing House of Electronics Industry. August 2011.

3. Jiang Shengyi. Business Data Mining and Application Case Analysis. Publishing House of Electronics Industry. January 2014.

Academic title,

Academic part time job

President of School of Information Science and Technology/School of Cyber Security, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Leader of Guangzhou Key Laboratory for Intelligent Processing of Non-Universal Languages, Director of Guangdong Cyber Security Engineering Technology Research Center, Professor, Doctor, and Doctoral Supervisor; Excellent Teacher of South Guangdong, the 9th Guangdong Provincial Outstanding Teacher; Provincial-level Training Object for the "Thousand Hundred and Ten" Projects in Guangdong Province. Senior member of China Computer Federation, member of China Computer Federation Technical Committee on Chinese Information Technology; Director of the Chinese Information Processing Society of China, member of Technical Committee on Computational Linguistics, and member of the Social Media Processing Specialized Committee; Member of the Machine Learning Specialized Committee of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence; Executive director of Computer Academy of Guangdong. Member of the 10th, 11th, and 12th Guangdong Provincial Political Consultative Conference, deputy director of the NLD Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Commission, and Chairman of the Grassroots Committee of the NLD Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

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