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Ding Zhong
2019-10-10 19:56  


Main introduction

Name: Ding Chong

Gender: Female

Nationality: Han

Research direction

Micro-Finance (Finance), Technological Innovation Theory


Undergraduates: Financial Management, Corporate Finance (Britain), Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics

Postgraduates: Theory and Practice of Financial Management

Educational background (including overseas training experience)

1) From September 2001 to July 2005, he obtained the Bachelor of Management of Hunan Normal University.

2) From September 2006 to July 2008, he obtained the Master of Economics of Institute of Industrial Economics Jinan University.

3) From September 2008 to June 2011, he obtained the Doctor of Economics of Institute of Industrial Economics Jinan University.

Work experience

From July 2011 up to now, he taught in School of Accounting of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

Paper publishing

[1] Why China Lack of Creative Destruction? Evidence from the Listed Firms’ Specific Information. Economic Research Journal. 2010 (6) CSSCI, Core Journal (copy data of NPC 2010 No.10 Innovative Policy and Management was fully reprinted, and won the First Award for Outstanding Achievement Award of Philosophy and Social Science in Guangdong Province)

[2] Taking Sides in Policy, Low Technology Lock in and Chinese Economy Growth. China Industrial Economics. 2009 (11) CSSCI, Core Journal (Xinhua Digest 2010 No.3 “argument digest” abstract partial viewpoint; Fully reprinted from copy data of NPC 2010 Issue 3 National Economic Management, and won “Huang Dehong Scholarship” of Jinan University)

[3] Political Relation and Innovation Efficiency: Study on the Firm-specific Information. Journal of Finance and Economics. 2010 (10) CSSCI, Core Journal

[4] Theoretical Cause and Empirical Test of the Lack of Chinese Creative Destruction. Economist. 2010 (7) CSSCI, Core Journal

[5]“Dare to be First” of Cantonese Merchants VS “Immediate Response and Initiative Spirit” of Zhejiang Merchants - Study and Development Management Based on the Relationship Between Firm-Specific Information and Technical Innovation 2014(2).

[6] Global Economic Imbalance: China’s Position and Governance Choice. International Economics and Trade Research, 2012 (12) CSSCI, Core Journal (reprinted from Chinese Social Science Digest 2013 Issue 4).

[7] Can the Diversification Generate Co-insurance Effect? Chinese Empirical Evidence. Contemporary Finance & Economics. 2008(10) CSSCI, Core Journal

[8] Analysis on Relationship between Diversification Strategy and Capital Structure. Chinese Journal of Management. 2010(7) CSSCI, Core Journal

[9] New Accounting Standards and Technical Innovation Information Feedback of Capital Market - Study Based on Firm-specific Information. Economic Management, 2011(11) CSSCI, Core Journal.

[10] Research on Feedback Effect of Capital Market on Technical Innovation Input, Securities Market Herald, 2011(10) (won the First Prize of the First Forum Essay of Securities Market Herald of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October 2011) CSSCI, Core Journal.

[11] Liquidity Factor and Technical Innovation Information Feedback of Chinese Stock Market. Industrial Economics Research, 2012(4) CSSCI, Core Journal

[12] Large Shareholder Control, Identity and Salary Incentive. Finance and Trade Research. 2010(4) CSSCI, Core Journal

[13] Innovation of Service Industry and Construction of Modern Industrial System. Journal of Jinan University. 2011(2) CSSCI, Core Journal

[14] Identity and Salary Incentive: A literature review. Industrial Economic Review. 2010 (4)

[15] Financial Crisis Shock, Political Relationships and Bank Management: Evidence from China. Contemporary Asian Economy Rerearch.2010(2):9-23.

[16] Strategic Study on Construction of Guangzhou Innovative Urban Industrial System - Based on the Perspective of Endogenous Technology Growth Theory, Lingnan Journal, January 2013, Issue 1

[17] Macro total factor productivity and micro-enterprise innovation characteristics: Study based on Pearl River Delta Data, Lingnan Journal, 2014 Issue 5, 80-88.

[18] Identity of Manager, Salary Incentive and Corporate Value, China Journal of Finance, December 2013, Issue 1 (total series 16), 1-25.

[19] Countercyclical Characteristics of Technical Innovation of Chinese Enterprises, Contemporary Finance & Economics, August 2014, Issue 8, 65-78, Cover Story

[20] Does fiscal decentralization cause heterogeneous competition in the market? - Evidence from listed company, Journal of Finance and Economics, November 2013, Issue 11, 20-33, Cover Story.

[21] Investment Cash-flow Sensitivity Measures Investment Thirst, But Not Financial Constraint,Accounting and Finance(SSCI), issued in 2016.

Projects (including scientific research and consulting projects)

(1) 2012 National Social Science Foundation Youth Project “Capital Market Support Research on China Manufacturing Technology Growth” (12CJY047)

(2) 2012 Youth Project of Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation of the Ministry of Education “Capital Market Support Research on China Manufacturing Technology Innovation: Based on the Perspective of Information Transmission Mechanism and Capital Allocation Efficiency” (12YJC790032)

(3) 2011 Guangdong Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Foundation Youth Project “Study on Liquidity Factor and China Stock Market Technology Innovation Information Feedback Mechanism” (GD11YYJ02)

(4) 2015 Outstanding Young Teacher Training Program Funding Project of Institutions of Higher Learning in Guangdong Province “Study on the Synergy Between Traditional Culture and Organizational System to Promote Technological Innovation under New Normal”

Monographs and teaching materials

[1] Way of management of Guangdong merchants: Choice of Diversification and Professionalization. Economic Science Press. September 2009.

[2] Government Intervention and the Lack of Chinese Creative Destruction: Theoretical and Empirical Study. Economic Science Press. June 2013.

Received awards

(1) Won the first prize of Guangdong philosophy and social science outstanding achievement award in 2013

(2) Won the first prize of the first session of BBS excellent paper of Securities Market Herald of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011

(3) Won the second prize of outstanding scientific research award of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2012

(4) Won the second prize of outstanding scientific research award of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2011

(5) Won the second prize of Jinan University Huang Dehong industrial economics development fund award in 2012

(6) Won “excellent doctoral thesis in Jinan University” in 2012

Contact information

Office E-mail: 86363808@qq.com

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