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Zhang Ruili
2019-10-10 19:59  


Main introduction

Name:Zhang Ruili

Gender: Female

Native place:Wuzhi, Henan

Nationality: Han

Date of birth:May 3, 1984

Research direction

Accounting standard and accounting measurement


Fundamentals of Accounting and Special International Financial Reporting Standards

Educational background

(including overseas training experience)

2000.09-2004.07 Accounting specialty in Zhongyuan University of Technology Bachelor of Management;

2004.09-2006.12 Accounting specialty in Jiangsu University Institute of Finance and Economics Master of Management;

2012.09-2015.06 Accounting specialty in The Institute for Financial & Accounting Studies, IFAS Doctorate of Management;

Work experience

Taught in Jiangsu Vocational College of Finance and Economics from February 2007 to June 2012

Teach in School of Accounting of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies from July 2015.

Paper publishing

[1] Study on Metrological Level Applicability of Fair Value, Contemporary Accounting Review, 2016 Issue 1;

[2] Value Relevance of Fair Value Change Information, Journal of Xiamen University, 2015 Issue 1;

[3] Study on Predictive Ability of Fair Value, Contemporary Accounting Review, 2015 Issue 1;

[4] Study on Motivation and Influence Factors of Selection of Investment Real Estate Measurement Model, Contemporary Finance & Economics, 2014 Issue 7;


(including scientific research and consulting projects)

[1] Design and Effect Test of Internationally Convergent Fair Value Measurement Model, 2014 Major Project of Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation of Ministry of Education, presided over by Zhang Guohua.

[2] Study on Information Collection and Index Construction of Fair Value, 2013 Key Project of National Social Science Foundation, presided over by Qu Xiaohui.

Contact information

Office E-mail: maigal@163.com

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