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HOU Guanghui
2022-11-02 09:58  



Name:Hou Guanghui


Birth Date:Feb. 1973

Native Place: Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, China




Innovation Management, Strategic Management



Bachelor: Management、Strategic Management

Master: Organizational Theory and Organizational Design、Strategic Management



Ph.D.: School of Business, Sun Yat-Sen University; Ph.D. in Management

Master: Hong Kong & Macao Economy Research Institute, Jinan University; Master in Economics

Bachelor: School of Business Administration, South China University of Technology; Bachelor in Economics



Sep. 2002-Aug. 2003: Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd. Asset Management Department, staff

Jul. 2006-Now Business School of GDUFS, teacher



Chinese corporations’ conception of sustainable development: an innovative view of corpus analysis, Chinese Management Studies (SSCI), Vol. 11 Issue: 1, 2017, doi: 10.1108/CMS-12-2016-0265 (corresponding author)

Review on CSR Issues Based on Value Chain Model and its Implications. Journal of Applied Sciences, 2015,15(4):626-632

An Empirical Research on the Ranking of Chinese State-owned Banks in Corporate Social Responsibility. Archives of Business Research, Aug. 2015 (corresponding author)

Analysis of CSR Performances of MNCs in Different Countries Based on the Cases of MNCs in Chinese Market, Journal of Sylwan (SCI-e), June. 2014.

Innovation in Talent Training Model of Higher Education: Taking GDUFS Professional Master Degree Programs as an Example. Ciencia e Tecnica (SCI), Sept. 2014.

Research on Offshore Service Outsourcing and the Related Issue of Corporate Social responsibility, Journal of Applied Sciences (EI), 2013,13(8):1220-1226

Research on ISO26000 and Institutionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility, Discussion on Modern Economy (CSSCI), Aug. 2012.

Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of CSR in Service Outsourcing Enterprises, International Economic and Trade Exploration (CSSCI), Oct. 2012.

Systematic Thinking on Corporate Social Responsibility Theory, Discussion on Modern Economy (CSSCI), Jan. 2009.

An Analysis of the Deep Reasons for the Implementation of Social Responsibility by State-owned Commercial Banks, Journal of Jinan University (Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences) (CSSCI), Mar. 2008.

An Analysis of the Influence of Overseas Chinese Investment on China's Economy since the 1980s, Academic Research (CSSCI), published in Dec. 2006, “Securities and investment” was reprinted by People's University in Apr. 2007, reprinted by Xinhua Abstracts in May. 2007.



Journal Articles

Hou Guanghui, Zhang Jianguo. “The Formation of Knowledge Network and the Evolution of Basic Theory of Enterprise Resources”. Lingnan Journal, Jun. 2016.

Hou Guanghui. “Cluster Innovation under Uncertainty: institutional change and resource allocation”. Contemporary Economic Management, Aug. 2016. (CSSCI Extended Edition)

Hou Guanghui, Li Miao. “Study on the Interaction Mechanism between Internationalization and Innovation in Pearl River Delta Region”. Science and Technology Management Research, Jun. 2015. (CSSCI)

Hou Guanghui, Zhang Zenguo. “Theoretical Integration and Strategic Shift of the Integrated Research on Innovation Impact”. Contemporary Economic Management, Mar. 2015. (CSSCI Extended Edition)

Hou Guanghui, Zhang Zenguo. “Research on Absorptive Ability of Foreign Knowledge: theoretical evolution and analysis framework”. Information Theory and Practice, Mar. 2013. (CSSCI)

Hou Guanghui, Zhang Jianguo. “Could the Establishment of Corporate Social Capital Improve the Performance of Technological Innovation: an empirical study based on the regulation of absorptive capacity”. Contemporary Finance, Feb. 2013. (CSSCI)

Hou Guanghui. “Determination of Enterprise Boundary: internalization and externalization”. Finance and Economics, Aug. 2009. (CSSCI)

Hou Guanghui. “Enterprise R & D Boundary Decision-making in Innovative Environment”. Management Modernization, Feb. 2009. (CSSCI)

Hou Guanghui. Evolution of Enterprise Boundary: technology, system and uncertainty”. Jiangsu Social Sciences, Jan. 2009. (CSSCI)

Hou Guanghui. “The Impact of Technological Progress on the R & D Approach of the Enterprise”. China Science and Technology Forum, Jan. 2009. (CSSCI)

Hou Guanghui. “Enterprise Boundary Analysis Based on Two-Dimensional Structure of Transaction Costs”. Economic Latitude, Jan. 2009. (CSSCI)

Hou Guanghui. “Enterprise Boundary Strategy under Uncertainty”. Yunnan Social Sciences, Jan. 2009. (CSSCI) (reprinted by Xinhua Journal)

Hou Guanghui. “Enterprise Innovation Network: strategic options governance for uncertainty”. International Economics and Trade Exploration, Jan. 2008. (CSSCI)

Hou Guanghui. “Disruptive Innovation: analysis on firm outsourcing and boundary decisions-evidence in China high-tech industries”. Contemporary Finance & Economics, Nov. 2007.

Hou Guanghui. “Technological Progress, Uncertainty, and Evolution of Chinese Industrial Firm Boundary”. Science and Management of S. & T., Sep. 2007.

Hou Guanghui. “Uncertainty of Firm Boundary Governance: a review and transcendence of transaction cost economics”. Economic Survey, May. 2007.

Hou Guanghui. “Post-Chandler Confusion: the reinterpretation of business history with technical progress”. Humanities, Mar. 2007. (CSSCI)

Scientific Research Projects

Project Director

National Social Science Fund Project, “The choice of enterprise innovation resources and the selection of efficient allocation mechanism”, 2013, 180,000 yuan, in research;

Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Research General Project, “The impact of innovation on vertical integration-based on the perspective of the integration of transaction costs and competencies”, 2010, 60,000 yuan, has ended;

China Postdoctoral Science Fund Project, “Corporate boundary evolution: facts and theory”, 2008, 30,000 yuan, has ended;

Guangdong Province Soft Science Research Project, “Guangdong high-tech industry localization innovation drive mode and transformation and upgrading research”, 2013, 30,000 yuan, has ended;

Guangdong Province Soft Science Research Project, “Research on the strategic change and innovation path of advanced manufacturing technology resources based on the financial constraints in the Pearl River Delta”, 2015, 10 million yuan, in research;

Guangdong Province Graduate Education Innovation Project, “A case study of successful social capital and training mode innovation of graduate students’ careers”, 2013, 30,000, in research;

Guangzhou Philosophy and Social Science Development "Eleventh Five-Year" Plan Project, “The Research on Guangzhou high-tech enterprise outsourcing decision-making based on the devastating innovation”, 2010, not funded;

Guangzhou City Philosophy Social Science "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan Issue, “Innovation-driven advanced manufacturing industry in Guangzhou City, the breakthrough in the development of resource allocation strategy research”, 2015, 50,000 yuan, in research;

Guangzhou Science and Technology Program, “International path and innovation policy research on Guangzhou strategic emerging industries”, 2013, 40,000 yuan, has ended;

The Construction of Special Funds Projects (Nursery Project) in Guangdong Province, “The research on high-tech industry cluster in Guangdong province”, 2009, 20,000 yuan, has ended;

Humanities and Social Science Research Projects in Guangdong Colleges and Universities, “The linkage mechanism research of manufacturing transformation and upgrading and industrial internationalization in Guangdong manufacturing industries”, 2011, 20,000 yuan, has ended.


Education Projects

Practical research on the research study of low-grade college students based on the innovation ability, 2014, school level

A research on the successful capital and employment and entrepreneurial ability training model for college students, 2011, school level

A Research on scientific research ability enhancement and innovative ability cultivation for the undergraduates in GDUFS, 2009, school level



Project Director

A research on the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in Guangzhou under the new normal background, horizontal subject of Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, 2015;

A view of enterprise resources in two environments: the change of household business from corporate governance to corporate governance, the school base bidding project, 2011;

Entrepreneurial capacity, uncertainty and corporate strategy, school base bidding project, 2009.


Office: Room 346, Faculty Building, GDUFS South Campus

Phone Number: 39341975

E-mail: koghhou@tom.com

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