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2022-11-02 10:00  

Personal Information

Name: HUANG Sheng

Gender: Male

E-mail: 154761962@qq.com

Research Direction

Global Strategy, International Entrepreneurship and International Marketing

Education Background

Doctor of Business Management, South China University of Technology, 2013-2016

Visiting Scholar at The University of Queensland, Australia, 2018



July 2016 - now: Yunshan Scholar, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Academic Papers

1. First author. Post-entry internationalization speed, learning speed and performance: A meta-analytic review and theory extension. Global Strategy Journal, 2022.

2. First author. The determinants of international new venture performance: A review and future research agenda. International Marketing Review, 2021.

3. First author. Institutional contexts, institutional capability, and accelerated internationalization of entrepreneurial enterprises from emerging economies (In Chinese). Nankai Business Review, 2015. (Selected as the Best Chinese Study on International Investment in the 2016 Yearbook of World Economy)

4. First author. Home-Country institutional environments and the internationalization speed of new ventures: the role of institutional capability and international orientation (In Chinese). Quarterly Journal of Management, 2018.

Scientific Research Projects

1. Director of the Development Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.71972056): Home-Country Regional Focus, International Opportunity and International Performance: A Study of International New Ventures Based on Growth Stages, ongoing.

2. Key research staff of the Key Program supported by the National Social Science Fund of China (Grant No. 12AGL003): On the Performance Mechanism of the Dynamic International Entrepreneurship Model of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, completed.

Courses Taught

For undergraduates: Management, Global Corporate Strategy

For postgraduates: International Business Management


Academic Position

1. Reviewer of journals including Management World and International Business Review;

2. Corresponding reviewer of projects applied for the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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