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LIU Fanglong
2022-11-02 10:02  


Main Introduction

Name: LIU•Fanglong

Gender: Male

Nationality: Han

Place of Birth: Changde, Hunan

Research Interests

Strategy & Entrepreneurship; Human Resources and Corporate Culture; Neoinstitutional Economics (Enterprise Theory, State Theory, etc.)

Teaching Programs

Undergraduate Courses: Strategic Management, Management, etc.

Graduate Courses: Strategic Management(for Academic Master's Degree and MBA), Management Research Methods, etc.


Doctor: School of Business, Sun Yat-sen University

Master: School of Business, Sun Yat-sen University



Dec.2016-present Associate Professor, Master Tutor at School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Oct.2019-present Director of Graduate Admission Office at School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Worked in Management Professional Group of Sun Yat-sen University General Manager of Business Department(vice-president)

Worked in Strategic Headquarters of China Merchants Securities as a Researcher

Academic Papers

Fanglong Liu, Nengquan Wu. The influence mechanism of enterprise human capital under the background of employment difficulty: A multi-case study based on human capital dividend [J]. Management World, 2013(12):145-159. (CSSCI)

Fanglong Liu, Nengquan Wu. Explore the mystery of amoeba management: A case study based on virtual property rights within enterprises [J]. China Industrial Economics, 2014(02):135-147. (CSSCI)

Fanglong Liu, Likai Zou, Xinchun Li. The derivative entrepreneurship mechanism of business executives: A research on the impact of specific assets [J]. Nankai Business Review, 2022(01):105-115. (CSSCI)

Zhiming Chen, Fanglong Liu (Corresponding author). Multi-outsourcing supply chain coordination under yield and demand uncertainties[J].Expert Systems With Applications. 2021,181(11),115177. (CAS q1/JCR q1, SCI)

Fanglong Liu, Weinian Qiu, Nengquan Wu, Chuhong Zeng. Exploring the construction of the corporate culture concept system of The Tao of Longping: A case study based on Grounded Theory [J]. Management Review, 2019,31(06):289-304. (CSSCI)

Fanglong Liu, Weinian Qiu, Chuhong Zeng. The connotation of organizational core values and its evaluation index: A multi-case study from the perspective of Co-creation [J]. Foreign Economics & Management, 2019,41(01):86-101. (CSSCI)

Fanglong Liu, Huanhuan Yao, Nengquan Wu. Constructing the core values assessment mechanism: A case study based on the "landing" of corporate culture [J]. Human Resources Development of China, 2019,36(04):139-149. (CSSCI)





Research Programs:

Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Foundation Program of the Ministry of Education in China (19YJC630100), Research on Institutional supply Mechanism for high-quality development of Internet Finance: From the perspective of property rights, Presider

The General Program of Guangdong Natural Science Foundation (2021A1515011924), High-quality entrepreneurship and institutional innovation in the context of the digital economy, Presider

The General Program of Guangdong Natural Science Foundation (2018A030313170), Research on Innovation and development Mechanism of Internet Finance: A Case study of Guangdong enterprises, Presider

Innovation Project of Universities in Guangdong Province (2019WTSCX019), Institutional environment, property right structure and entrepreneurial quality, Host

Youth Innovation Program of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (17QN28), Research on the influence mechanism of Internet development on regional society (Project closure), Presider

Participated in one major project of the National Social Science Fund of China, one project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and one project of the National Social Science Fund of China

Consulting Experience:

A senior expert in domestic corporate culture and strategy. Liu has put forward multiple theories, models and tools, and has created a number of classic cases. Presided over 100 consulting programs on strategy, culture and management, and the main list is as follows (not the complete list):

Headquarters of China Southern Airlines, China Merchants Bank Head Office, Research Institute of China Southern Power Grid Headquarters, Longping High-Tech, Chimelong Group, China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation Guangzhou Company, Guangzhou Financial Holding Group, Bank of Chongqing, China Guangfa Bank, Zhujiang Digital, Guangdong Tobacco, Guangdong Institute of Special Equipment Inspection and Research, Xi’an Fengdong Group, Shaanxi Xixian New Area Development Group, China Railway No.8 Engineering Group

Infinitus, Lianyungang Financial Holding Capital Management, Jiangmen Rural Commercial Bank, Gaoming Rural Commercial Bank, Hainan Yedao Group, Grandview Enterprise Group, Jomoo Group, Hunan Tier Group, Dongsong Group, Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holding, Hualon Pharmaceutical, Kangchen Pharmaceutical Factory, Guangdong Yuehai Feeds Group, China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial, China Moblie branch, Vuluda Group, etc.

Academic Titles

Academic Adjuncts

Long-term referee of Management World, Nankai Business Review, Foreign Economics & Management, and other journals

Reviewer of Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, Guangdong high-level talent evaluation expert


Office Address: Office 361, Faculty Building, No.178 Waihuan East Road, University City, Guangzhou, China

Office Email: 201610150@oamail.gdufs.edu.cn

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