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QU Yingying
2022-11-02 10:03  

Personal Information

Name: QU Yingying

Gender: Female

E-mail: jessie.qu@gdufs.edu.cn

Research Direction

Project Management and Text Data Mining

Education Background

Doctor of Management Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales

Master of Engineering Management, City University of Hong Kong



April 2017 - now: Yunshan Scholar, Associate Professor, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

July 2011- August 2012: Collaborative Research Center for Dispute Mediation over Architectural Engineering, City University of Hong Kong and the High Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

July 2007.07-August 2008:Suzhou Anxin Cost Consulting Firm

Academic Papers

1. Fast Medical Concept Normalization For Biomedical Literature Base on Stack and Index optimized Self-Attention. Neural Computing and Applications, 2022, Accepted and to be published. (SCI, IF 5.606, Q2)

2. Recent progress in leveraging deep learning methods for question answering, Neural Computing & Applications. 2022, 34, 2765–2783. (SCI, IF 5.606, Q2)

3. An Ensemble Learning Strategy for Eligibility Criteria Text Classification for Clinical Trial Recruitment: Algorithm Development and Validation, JMIR Medical Informatics, 2020, 8(7):e17832. (SCI, IF 2.955, Q3)

4. Temporal Expression Classification and Normalization From Chinese Narrative Clinical Texts: Pattern Learning Approach, JMIR Medical Informatics, 2020, 8(7):e17652. (SCI, IF 2.955, Q3)

5. An Approach for Transgender Population Information Extraction and Summarization from Clinical Trial Text. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 2019, 19 (Suppl 2): 50. (SCI, IF 2.796, Q3)

6. A Pattern Learning-based Method for Temporal Expression Extraction and Normalization from Multi-Lingual Heterogeneous Clinical Texts. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 2018, 18 (Suppl 1):22, (SCI, IF 2.796, Q3)

7. A Mobile-based Question Answering and Early Warning System for Assisting Diabetes Management. Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing (SI: Natural Language Processing Empowered Mobile Computing), vol. 2018, Article ID 9163160, 14 pages (SCI, IF 2.336, Q4).

8. Leveraging Question-target Word Features through Semantic Relation Expansion for Answer Type Classification. Knowledge-Based Systems. 2017, Vol. 133, pp. 43-52. (SCI IF 8.038, Q1).

9. Computer-Assisted Content Analysis in Risk Identification of Public-Private Partnership Projects. In: Huang TC., Lau R., Huang YM., Spaniol M., Yuen CH. (eds) Emerging Technologies for Education. SETE 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10676. p.528-538, Springer, Cham (EI)

10. An Automated Method for Gender Information Identification from Clinical Trial Texts. In: Yin X., Geller J., Li Y., Zhou R., Wang H., Zhang Y. (eds) Health Information Science. HIS 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.10038, pp.109-118. (EI)

11. A Topical Diversity-based Approach to Detecting Similar Question Groups from Collaborative Question-Answering Archives. Web Intelligence, 2016, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 301-308. (EI)

12. QSem: A Novel Question Representation Framework for Question Matching over Accumulated Question-Answer Data, Journal of Information Science. 2016, Volume 42, No. 5, 583-596. (SSCI, Q2, SCI IF 3.282)

13. Pedagogical Principle-based Experiential E-learning Exploration in Construction Mediation Training, Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, 2014, 140(2), 04013015. (SCI IF 1.19)

14. Experimental Evaluation of Logrolling as an Effective Mediator Tactic, International Journal of Project Management, 2013, 31(5):775–790. (SSCI, SCI IF 7.172)

15. Logrolling ‘Win-Win’ Settlement in Construction Dispute Mediation, Automation in Construction, 2012, Vol. 24, pp. 61-71. (SCI IF 7.7)

Scientific Research Projects

- Research on Problem Analysis and Similarity Calculation Model for Specific Medical Diseases

, General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China

- Research on Methods for Automatic Identification of Risk Factors in Text Data of PPP Project, Guangdong Natural Science Fund

- Research on Risk Factor Identification of PPP Projects based on Semantic Template, Funding by Science and Technology Projects in Guangzhou

- Verification and Optimization of Quantitative Information Extraction Algorithm in Financial Text, Funded by China National Institute of Standardization

- Research on Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge Management and Development for the Establishment of Knowledge Map of Famous Doctors, Funded by Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine

Courses Taught

Project Management, Commercial Data Mining


Academic Position

- Member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS)

- Member of Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB)

- Member of Management Sub Committee of National Standardization Technical Committees

- Member of Big Data Committee of Computer Academy of Guangdong

- Member of Federation of Research on Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology and Management

- Member of China Computer Federation (CCF)

- Scientist of Zhuhai Institute of Advanced Technology

- Reviewer of journals including Automation In Construction, International Journal of Project Management, Building and Environment, Knowledge-based System

Personal Information

- Guangdong Province High-Level Overseas Chinese Students

- Outstanding Teacher for 2020-2021Academic Year

- The Third Prize for Excellence in Academic Performance in 2020

- Outstanding Undergraduate Supervisor for 2019-2020 Academic Year

- The Second Prize for Excellence in Academic Performance in 2018

- The Second Prize for Excellence in Academic Performance in 2017

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