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ZENG Yuran
2022-11-02 10:14  



Name: ZENG Yuran

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1977/01

Native Place: Qiyang City, Hunan Province

Nationality: Han



Entrepreneur-society Relationship and Innovation, Financing Channels and Innovation of SMEs and Industrial Evolution;



Undergraduate: Management, Human Resource Management, Macro-economics, and Labour Economics;

Graduate: Lecture of Frontier in Management;



2002/09-2005/06 Jinan University, Ph. D of Economics in Industrial Economics;

1999/09-2002/06 Jinan University, Master of Economics in Industrial Economics;


1994/09-1998/06 Xiangtan University, Bachelor of Economics in International Business;



Associate Dean of MBA Education Center of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies



Journal Papers

“European Venture Capital Investment: Industrial Performance and Fund Size”. Market Information (forthcoming in October).

“European Electronic Finance: Market Structure and Patterns of Competition”. Market Information. 2007-09.

“Financing Channels of European SMEs – Government’s Public Policy and Overall Coordination”. Market Information. 2007-08.

Industrial Evolution and Its Macro Research (Chapter 5)”. Economic Science Press. 2007-07

The Influence of Entrepreneur-society Relationship on Innovation and Performance – Manufacturing Enterprises in Pearl River Delta as an Example. Economic Science Press. 2006-05

“Characteristics of Taiwan Stock Market and Generation of High-tech Capital”. Pioneering with Science & Technology Monthly. 2005-09

“Intensification of Enterprise Intensification and Conflict Control – A Perspective from Governmental Support”. Pioneering with Science & Technology Monthly. 2005-08

“The Hypocritical ‘Cost Is Different’ Theory”. Stock Market Trend Analysis Weekly. 2005-08.

“Network Governance and System Innovation of Private Enterprise – Discussion Based on Trust”. (Second author). Studies on Township Enterprise (Bimonthly). 2004-05

“Mutually Conflicting Values in a Conflicting World – Ecofeminism and Cross-cultural Ethics”. Seminar on Sustainable Operation and Management of Environment and Tourism (Taiwan), 2004-05.

“Development of Taiwan Stock Market and Acquisition of High-tech Capital” (Second author). Technology and Industry across the Straits. 2004-05.

“New System of Chinese Credit Deficiency from an Economic Perspective.” (Second author). Journal of Jinan University (bimonthly). 2004-03.

“Comments on Research Trend of Crisis Management”. Commercial Research. 2004-05.

“Development of Taiwan Stock Market and Acquisition of High-tech Capital – Based on the OTCBB System” (Second author). Science and Technology Management (Bimonthly). 2004-02.

“Origin and Main Objective of Green Architecture”. Southern Real Estate. 2004-02.

“Intensification of Enterprise Intensification and Conflict Control” (Second author). Social Scientist. 2004-01.

“Space and Sustainability of New Industry”. Social Scientist. 2004-01.

Consultancy Projects

Project Leader

2006-12 Government Taxation Incentives to Start-up Investment in Guangdong Province, funded by Guangdong Soft Science Programme.

2005-06 China-EU European Studies Centers Programme, co-funded by European Commission and Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.


Address: Office 327, Building of Schools and Departments, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (South Campus).

Telephone: 020-39328559

Email: zengyuran@hotmail.com

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