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ZHU Zhenduo
2022-11-02 10:14  

Personal Information

Name: ZHU Zhenduo

Gender: Male

Birth Date: 1984.11

Hometown: Hubei Province, China

Nationality: Han

Research Direction

1. Innovation: corporate innovation and social innovation, business model innovation;

2. Entrepreneurship and new venture growth: entrepreneurial bricolage, sharing economy and institutional entrepreneurship;

3. Family business governance and strategy: family business inheritance and control, CSR in family governance and transformation.

Courses Taught

Management, Innovation Management, Thesis Writing Guidance

Education Background

Sept. 2011-Jun. 2014: Doctor of Management, Business Management, School of Management, Sun Yat-Sen University.

Dec. 2009-Jun. 2011: Master of Management, Management Science and Engineering, School of Business, Guilin University of Electronic Technology.

Sept. 2005-Jun. 2009: Bachelor of Management, Information Management and Information System, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication.



Sept. 2015-Sept. 2018:

Ÿ Distinguished Associate Research Fellow of School of Management, Sun Yat-Sen University;

Ÿ Fellow of China Family Business Research Center, Sun Yat-Sen University

Jul. 2014-Sept. 2015:

Ÿ Taught “Principles of Western Economics” and “Principles of Statistics” at Guangdong University of Finance

Academic Papers

Journal Articles:

Zhu, Z.D., Li, X. C. & Zhao, Y. (2021). Co-Governance and Innovation Decision: Paternalism and Foresight Effect in the Intergenerational Succession of Chinese Family Firm. Management World (09),191-206+232+207. doi:10.19744/j.cnki.11-1235/f.2021.0146.

Zhu, Z.D., Li, X. C. & Ye,W.P. (2018). “More than Promotion”: An Empirical Study of Intergenerational Succession and Strategic Change from the Paternalism. Management World (11),65-79+196. doi:10.19744/j.cnki.11-1235/f.2018.0006.

Peng, W., Yu, X.J., Zheng, Q.L. & Zhu, Z.D. (2018). Resource Bricolage, Organizational Legitimacy and the Growth of Social Start-ups: A Multi-case Study based on the Grounded Theory. Foreign Economics & Management (12),55-70. doi:10.16538/j.cnki.fem.2018.12.004.

Dai, S. W., Fu, Z. P. &Zhu, Z. D. (corresponding author) (2018). Organizational Modularityand Value Creation of China’s Emerging Enterprises—A case study of Huawei from the perspective of strategic complexity. Journal of Nanjing University (Philosophy, Humanities and Social Sciences),(02):4-17.

Zhu, Z. D.& Li, F. (2017). An Empirical Study on Entrepreneurship Bricolage, Relationship Trust and New Firm Performance. Science Research Management, 38(07):108-116.

Zhu, Z. D.& Li, X. C. (2017). A Growth Strategy for New Ventures: A Literature Review of Resource Bricolage and Prospects. Foreign Economics & Management,38(11):71-82.

Zhu, Z. D. (2015). Entrepreneurial Orientation, Entrepreneurial Bricolage and New Firm Performance:Empirical Research of a Moderating Effect Model.Management Review,27(11):57-65.

Zhu, Z. D.& Li, F. (2014). The Dynamic Impact of Entrepreneurial Bricolage on New Firm Performance: An Evidence Based on China's Transitional Economy. Science of Science and Management of S.&.T.,35(10):124-132.

Li, F. &Zhu, Z. D. (2014). An Empirical Research on the Entrepreneurial Bricolage and Its Functions: The Mediating Role of Dynamic Capabilities. Chinese Journal of Management, 11(04):562-568.

Unpublished Articles:

Zhu, Z. D., Li, X. C. & Ye, W. P. “More than Promotion”: An Empirical Study of Intergenerational Succession and Strategic Change from the Perspective of Paternalism. Management World. (under review) (Second Prize by the 13th International Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Family Business)

Zhu, Z. D.& Li, X. C. From Relationship-oriented to Innovation-oriented: Intergenerational Difference of Family Business Inheritance and Entrepreneurship in China. China Industrial Economics (under review).

Li, X. C., Zhao, Y. &Zhu, Z. D.Does Intra-family Succession Hamper R&D Investment in Family Firms?—Moderating Effect of Family Firms’ Multiple Goals. R & D Management. (accepted) (Third Prize by the 13th International Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Family Business)

Zhu, Z. D.& Li, X. C. To Control or To Expand? The Dual Balance Effect of Family Business and Its Impact on Growth—Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies. (Target Journal: China Industrial Economics)

Zhu, Z. D.& Li, X. C. Strategies for Breaking Resource Constraints for New Ventures in Sharing Economy—A Longitudinal Multi-case study of the “Internet +” Private Car Industry. (Target Journal: Management World)

Zhu, Z.D.& Li, X.Q. Family Influence and R&D Investments: Reconciling Behavioral and Institutional Views. (Target Journal: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice)

Scientific Research Projects

1. NSFC Key Projects of International (Regional) Cooperation and Exchanges, “Internationalization and Innovation of Family Business: A Comparative Study Based on Institution and Culture”. (sub-project chairperson; 2019-2023; co-chaired by Li Xinchun & Jess H. Chua)

2. Project of National Science Foundation for Young Scholars (71602195), “Construction of Social Bricolage: from Liability of Newness to Competitive Advantage—Based on Case Study and Experience in Sharing Economy”. (chairperson; 2017-2019)

3. Humanities and Social Science Project for Young Scholars, Ministry of Education (16YJC630184), “An Empirical Study of Social Resource Bricolage and Its Efficacy”. (chairperson; 2017-2019)

4. Young Teacher Training Project of Sun Yet-sen University (16wkpy07), “Entrepreneurial Orientation, Entrepreneurial Bricolage and New Firm Performance—the Moderating Effect of Relationship Trust” (chairperson; 2016-2018)

5. Innovation Project funded by Department of Education of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (201044-56), “Research on CRM-based Customer Information Resource Management”. (chairperson; 2010-2012)

6. General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (71672196), “Second Generation Involvement and International Entrepreneurship in Family Business” (member; 2017-2020; chaired by Li Xinchun)

7. General Project of National Social Science Foundation (17BGL002), “Research on the Growth Mechanism of Social Entrepreneurship Based on Resource Bricolage”. (member; 2017-2019; chaired by Peng Wei)

8. Humanities and Social Science Project for Young Scholars, Ministry of Education (16YJC190022), “Neuromechanism of Cognitive Control Regulation in Associated Learning” (member; 2017-2019; chaired by Xia Tiansheng)

9. Guangdong Province Philosophy and Social Science “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” Project, “From ‘Passive Innovation’ to ‘Active Innovation’: A Study of Innovation in Incentive Mechanism for Business from the Perspective of Social Network”. (member; 2017-2019; chaired by Huang Can)

10. Project of Division of Medical Administration of Department of Health of Guangdong Province (application and countermeasures), “Research on the Pricing System of Medical Services in Guangdong Province”. (member; 2013-2014; chaired by Li Fei)

Academic Services

Ÿ Anonymous reviewer for the annual meeting of the International Society for Chinese Management Research (IACMR); anonymous reviewer for journals including Science Research Management, Management Review and South China Journal of Economics;

Ÿ Member of the Committee of the 13th International Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Family Business;

Ÿ Associate editor of Quarterly Journal of Management;

Ÿ Judge of the “Huangpu Cup” Entrepreneurship Competition of the School of Management, Sun Yat-sen University.


Email: zhuzhenduo2005@163.com

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