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Roni Bhowmik
2022-11-02 10:15  

Personal Information

Name: Roni Bhowmik, Ph.D.

Gender: Male

Birth Date: 05 July, 1988

Native Space: Cumilla

Nationality: Bangladesh

Research Direction

My primary research interests lie in the area of financial management – including, financial economics, stock market crisis, market volatility, investment, and time-series predictability of returns.

Courses Taught

Introduction to International Trade

Financial Management

International Financial Management

International Investment Management Practice

Education Background

PhD: Management Science and Engineering (Direction: Financial Management), Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Master: MSc. in Business Management, Shenyang Aerospace University, China

Bachelor: BBA in Finance, Daffodil International University, Bangladesh





Organization : Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China

Position :

Faculty : School of Business

Duration. : From March, 2021 to Present


Organization : Jiujiang University, China

Position : Associate Professor of Finance

Faculty : School of Economics and Management

Duration. : From April, 2019 to February, 2021


Organization : Daffodil International University, Bangladesh

Position : Senior Lecturer of Finance

Faculty : Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship

Duration. : From September, 2017 to March, 2019


Organization : Academy of Mathematics and System Science, CAS, China

Position : Research Assistant

Department : Key Laboratory of Management, Decision and Information Systems, CAS

Duration. : From 2014 to 2016


Organization : Daffodil International University, Bangladesh

Position : Lecturer of Finance

Faculty : Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship

Duration. : From May, 2013 to August, 2017


Organization : Mona Financial Consultancy and Securities Limited, Bangladesh

Position : Senior Executive

Department : Trading and Stock Market Analysis

Duration. : From April, 2010 to May, 2011

Academic Papers

Journal Published Papers:

1. Bhowmik, R., & Wang, S. (2020). Stock Market Volatility and Return Analysis: A Systematic Literature Review. Entropy, Volume- 22(5), p. 522.

2. Bhowmik, R., Patnaik, B.C.M., Debnath, G.C., & Satpathy, I. (2020). Impact of Carbon Tax Scheme and CO2 Control Technologies on Bangladesh Aviation Industry. International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Volume- 9(3), p. 54-62.

3. Bhowmik, R., & Wang, S. (2019). Is the Emerging Asian Stock Markets really predictable- Based on the Operations and Information Management? International Journal of Supply Chain Management, Volume- 8(1), p. 600-621.

4. Bhowmik, R., & Wang, S. (2018). An Investigation of Return and Volatility Linkages among Stock Markets: A Study of Emerging Asian and Selected Developed Countries. Journal of International Trade and Commerce, Volume- 14(4), p. 1-29.

5. Bhowmik, R., Abbas, G., & Wang, S. (2018). Return and Volatility Spillovers Effects: Study of Asian Emerging Stock Markets. Journal of Systems Science and Information, Volume- 6(2), p. 97-119.

6. Roy, K. J., & Bhowmik, R. (2017/6-12). Factor Affecting Investors’ Risk Tolerance: A Study on Mymensing District. Journal of Nazrul University, Volume- 5 (1&2), p. 83-92.

7. Bhowmik, R., Wu, C., Roy, K. J., & Wang, S. (2017). A Study on the Volatility of the Bangladesh Stock Market—Based on GARCH Type Models. Journal of Systems Science and Information, Volume- 5(3), p. 193-215.

8. Abbas, G., Bhowmik, R., Koju, L., & Wang, S. (2017). Cointegration and Causality Relationship between Stock Market, Money Market and Foreign Exchange Market in Pakistan. Journal of Systems Science and Information, Volume- 5(1), p. 1-20.

9. Bhowmik, R. (2014). ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement: It’s Peace-Promotion Effects over South China Sea Dispute and Econometric Analysis of Welfare Effects on Not-Yet-Ready ASEAN members: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. International Journal of Business and Management Study, Volume- 1(4), p. 39-43.

10. Debnath, C. D., & Bhowmik, R. (2012). Understanding the Reciprocal Relationship among Leadership Styles and Organizational Performance: A Case Study in Bangladesh. The Cost and Management, Volume- XL (5), p. 10-17.

11. Bhowmik, R. (2012). Analysis on the Business Model. Available at SSRN 3488271.

12. Bhowmik, R. (2012). The Present E-Commerce Situation in Bangladesh for B2C E-Commerce. International Journal of Economics and Research, Volume- 3 (5), p. 77-91.

Conference Papers:

1. Bhowmik, R., Gao, K., Rahman, A., Abbas, G., & Wang, S. (2020/1). Stock market volatility transmission: Evidence from Asian emerging stock markets. Economic Modelling Special Issue Conference on “The Opportunities and Challenges of China’s Economy and Financial Markets”?. Jiangxi, China.

2. Rahman, A., Mollah, A. S., & Bhowmik, R. (2018/3). Operational Efficiency of Bangladeshi Banks in the Perspective of Intellectual Capital: A Data Envelopment & Tobit Analysis. International Conference on Business and Sustainable Development (ICBSD), Volume- 1. Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

3. Rahman, A., Mollah, A. S., & Bhowmik, R. (2018/1). Sustainable Environment is a Prerequisite for efficient Investment: A Pilot Study on Manufacturing Firms of Bangladesh. 19 Annual Conference and Research Symposium International Academy of Global Business and Trade, Volume- 19. South Korea and Bangladesh.

4. Bhowmik, R., Roy, K. J., Abbas, G., & Wang, S. (2016/7). Stock Return Volatility Effects: Study of South and East Asian Countries. The 2016 Service Systems Engineering Conference & 2016 IEEE Symposium on Analytics and Risk Conference, p. 16, Beijing, China.

5. Abbas, G., Wang, S., Wu, D. D., & Bhowmik, R. (2016/7). Regime switching analysis of oil price volatility risk and stock market returns: evidence of BRICS+P. The 2016 Service Systems Engineering Conference & 2016 IEEE Symposium on Analytics and Risk Conference, p. 15, Beijing, China.

Monograph and Teaching Materials

Scientific Research Projects


*** 2021 – Peer Reviewer for Global Business Review https://journals.sagepub.com/home/gbr

*** 2019 – Peer Reviewer for Asian Journal of Finance & Accounting http://www.macrothink.org/journal/index.php/ajfa

*** 2019 – Peer Reviewer for Business and Economic Research http://www.macrothink.org/journal/index.php/ber

Consulting Projects


***CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship, by Chinese Academy of Sciences and The World Academy of Sciences; Host: Chinese Academy of Sciences; Date and Period: 2013 to 2017.

*** DIU Alumni Excellence Award 2018.

***Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), by the Chinese Ministry of Education; Host: Shenyang Aerospace University; Date and Period: 2011 to 2012.



Academic Faculty Building (MBA),

School of Business,

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,

Guangzhou, China


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