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SUN Hailong
2022-11-02 10:34  



Personal Information

Name: Sun Hailong

Gender: male



Research Direction

Management psychology, Behavioral decision making, Leadership studies

Focusing on the field of behavioral decision making (intertemporal decision making, consumption decision making, etc.), the paper combines mouse tracking technology, behavioral experiments, questionnaires and other research methods to explore the general rules of people's decision-making and decision-making phenomena under organizational management from the aspects of external behavior, psychological mechanism and decision-making process mechanism. Senior undergraduates who are interested in the field of behavioral decision making are warmly welcome to apply for my postgraduate study!

Education Background

PhD: Jinan University, 2015-2018




2018.7 –  Yunshan Young Scholar, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

2020.6 – University-level key base: Assistant Director of Leadership Empowerment and Organizational Development ( LEO ) Research Center

Academic Papers

* Corresponding author, # Co-contribution

[1]Sequential intertemporal decision making: Effects, theory and application. Wuhan University Press. 2023, Hubei: Wuhan

[2] Avoid harm now, Benefit in the future: Target frame and time distance interact to influence vaccine persuasion effectiveness. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 2022,  54(12), 1532-1547.

[3] Motivational conflict influences mixed intertemporal decision making: a theoretical perspective of approach-avoidance motivation. Advances in Psychological Science, 2022, 30(12),2628-2638.

[4] The Influence of TeacherStudent Interaction on the Effects of Online Learning: On a Serial Mediating Model. Front. Psychol. 2022, 13779, 217.

[5] Decision effects and psychological mechanisms of intertemporal choice with multiple time-point outcomes, Advances in Psychological Science, 2021, 29(12),2224-2235.

[6] Trend Effect of probability estimation and its influencing mechanism on Decision making: A perspective based on psychological momentum. Advances in Psychological Science, 2021, 29(11), 2062-2072.

[7]The Influence of COVID-19 on irrational consumption behavior in a Chinese sample: Based on a serial mediating model.Frontiers in psychology,2021

[8]Early departure, early revival: A free from care account of negative temporal discounting.Advances in Cognitive Psychology, 2020, 16(2), 103-116.

[9] The degree of Anger: The influence of leaders' anger expression on leadership performance. Journal of Psychological Science, 2020, 43(02), 402-408.

[10] Simplifying Complexity: A review of unconscious thinking and complex consumer decision making. Foreign Economics and Management 2019, 39(03),98-110.

[11]Pain is forgotten where gain follows: The masking effect of positive outcome on emotional suffering. Asian Journal of Social Psychology,2018, 21, 178-186.

[12]The influence of visual spatial working memory on rule-based category learning under nested paradigm. Psychological Science, 2017, 40(1), 44-50.

[13] The impact of working memory on perceptual category learning: Problems and ideas. Advances in Psychological Science, 2017, 25(3), 424-430.

[14] Review of story marketing research based on improving consumer experience. Foreign Economics and Management, 2017,  39(12),1-14.

[15] A two-system model of sleep deprivation affecting risk decision making. Advances in Psychological Science, 2016, 24(5),804-814.

[16] Focusing on the impact of "absence" on the present happiness experience. Advances in Psychological Science, 2016, 24(10), 1544-1550.

[17] "Implicit Personality Theory" and research review on consumer decision making. Foreign Economics and Management, 2016, 38(9), 38-50.

[18] The mechanism of perspective effect in four-card problem: domain generality or domain specificity? Journal of Psychological Science,2014, 37(1),34-39. 

Scientific Research Projects

[1]2022-2025 National Natural Science Foundation Youth Foundation, host, in research

[2]2021-2023 Regional Joint Fund of Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, presided over, in research

[3]2020-2022 Youth Project of Humanities and Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education, Chair, presided over, closed

[4]2019-2022 Youth Project of Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, host, presided over, closed

[5]2018-2021 Humanities, Philosophy and Social Science Project of Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, presided over, closed




Undergraduate courses:

Management empirical research methods

Science of leadership

Human resource management

Decision psychology

Postgraduate Courses:

Decision Psychology (Master of Applied Psychology, School of Public Management)

Human Resource Management (Master of Business Administration, Joint lecture)

Research Methods in Management (Master of Business Administration, Business School)


Academic Post




2021 Guangdong Philosophy and Social Science Award, the third prize, ranked third

2019 Guangdong Province Philosophy and Social Science Award, second prize, ranked second





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