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Personal Information


Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1983.06.21

Native Place: Romanian

Courses Taught

Training Information Program for Quality Assurance in Long Distant Learning University Programs

Facilitator / Researcher for SPIRAL METHODOLOGY of EU COUNCIL


International Expert in Preschool, School and University Education

Mentorship for European Volunteers Service

Work and Transportation Psychology

Strategic Planning

Entrepreneurial Skills

Educational Background

2012-2015: University of Bucharest

2009-2011: Transylvania University of Brasov

2002-2006: University of Bucharest

Work Experience

10.2017 – now: Empower Cultural Exchange CEO

03.2018 – now: UNPR - Uniunea Patronatelor Din Romania, Ningbo Office Counselor

04.2016-07.2018: Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University

Columbia College USA Senior Lecturer= Associate Prof. Level

12.2017-07.2018: SUNIC Education LTD R&D Manager

02.2008-04.2016: Transilvania University of Brasov Assistant Professor

01.2012-03.2016: Centrofis SRL for the University of London Lecturer

03.2010-04.2016: Pas Alternativ NGO Member & Expert


Published Books as author:

1. Tomozii, S. (2018) Applying SPIRAL Methodology to improve school – family –community partnership, Presa Clujeana Press, under publication;

Published Books as Co-Author:

1. Panc, I. & all. (2015) Education and Counseling. Chapter: Education Attitudes, Universitara Press, Bucharest;

2. Panc, I. & all. (2015) Career counselling for professional development. An intervention program for students, Universitara Press, Bucharest;

Published Papers in ISI Indexed Journals – Elsevier Journals: (Web of Knowledge) SSCI indexed Papers

1. Tomozii S. Topala I. (2014) Why do we need to change educational paradigms? Procedia Social and Behavioural Sciences Journal, Vol. 142C, Elsevier pp. 581-586; DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.07.670;

2. Tomozii S., Usaci D, Norel M., Kaftangioglu V. (2013) Influences of Educational Reform over Romanian teachers’ work satisfaction, Journal Procedia Social and Behavioral Journal, vol. 82, Elsevier, pp. 250-254, ISSN: 1877-0428, DOI:1016/j.sbspro.2013.06.422;

3. Tomozii, Usaci D., Norel M, Kaftagioglu V. (2013) Applied Managerial Strategies for Reducing Resistance to Change in Kindergartens, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal, Vol. 81, Elsevier, pp. 650-654, ISSN 1877-0428, DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2013.06.491;

Other ISI indexed papers

4. Topala I., Tomozii S. (2014) Learning Satisfaction: Validity and Reliability Testing for Students Learning Satisfaction Questionnaire (SLSQ) published in Procedia Social and Behavioural Sciences Journal, vol. 128, Elsevier, pp.380-386; DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro: 2013.03.175;

5. Tomozii S, Petre A., Bularca R., (2011) Is Volunteering a Necessity? International Scientific Conference: Redefining Community in Intercultural Context, Airline Forces Press „Henry Coanda” Press, pp. 263-267, ISBN 978 -973-8415-99-7;

6. Tomozii S, Petre A., Bularca R. (2011) Romanian Undergraduates’ Perspective on Student-Centered Education, International Scientific Conference: Redefining Community in Intercultural Context, Airline Forces Press „Henry Coanda” Press, pp. 45-49, ISBN 978 -973-8415-99-7;

PUBLISHED PAPERS in International Journals:

7. Tomozii S. Lupu. D. (2015) How do management styles influence work behavior. A study case of teachers facing economic crisis and reform in education, in Journal Plus Education, Vol.12, No.1, ISSN 2068 – 1151;

8. Lupu D., Tomozii S. (2013) Dyad: Self esteem-academic success, evidenced by counseling activity, published in stadium Educationis, XIV year, No.2. June 2013, Italy, Pensa MultiMedia Editore SRL, pp.55-70, ISSN: 1722-8395 (print)/ ISSN:2035-844(online), pp.55-70;

9. Lupu D., Tomozii S. (2013) Basmul therapeutic ca metoda in educație (Therapeutic Tales as Teaching-Learning Methods) published in the volume of the National Conference of Teachers, Brasov, 2013;

10.Popa D., Bazgan M., Tomozii S., (2011) The need for Intercultural Education in Adult Groups, International Scientific Conference “NewTrends in Educational Sciences”. 10th Edition, Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava Press, pp. 22-29, ISBN 978 -973-666-384-0;

11.Popa D., Bazgan M., Tomozii S., (2011) Success Study in the Professions with Practical Applications, Journal of Engineering Studies and Research, “Vasile Alexandri” University of Bacău Press, ISSN 2068 – 7559;

12.Popa D., Tomozii S., (2011) The Necessity of Intercultural Education for Students,” Țara Bârsei” Periodical No.11/2011 Grafica Print Press, pp. 181-188,ISSN 1583 -3119;

13.Tomozii S., Norel M., Talabă D, Usaci D., Dejan Bokonjic (2011) Educational Staff’s Opinion about Quality Assurance Standards in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Scientific International Conference: Institutional Strategic Quality Management in

Higher Education, Transilvania University Press, pp 279-285, ISBN 978-973-589-913-2;

14.Tomozii S., (2010) Communication within the Medical System, International Scientific Conference PHOENIX, September, Vol. II, International Conference PHOENIX – PHE Proceedings 2010, 23-25 September, Transylvania University Press, pp 295-301, ISSN 2068-9845;

15.Tomozii S., (2010) Adults' Profession: a Criterion for Improved Educational

Softwares, International Scientific Conference „Education, Quality, Strategic

Development”, Targoviste, Valahia University Press, 4-6 June 2009, pp.441-448,

ISBN 978-973-1955-61-2,

16.Popa D., Tomozii S., (2008) Intelligence, Personality Factors and Proactive

Personality as Determinants of a Successful Career, International Conference Edu World 2008: "Education Facing Contemporary World Issues", University of Pitesti

Press, Pitesti, 5-8 June 2008 pp. 231-242, ISSN:1844-6264,

17.Tomozii S., Popa D., (2008) Adult Education in the 3rd Millennium. International

Scientific Conference „ Quality in Education: Theories, Principles and

Achievements”, Institute of Educational Sciences Press, 30-31 October 2008, Part

I, Chisinau, pp. 101-103, CEP USM, ISBN: 978-9975-9685-6-0;

18.Tomozii S., Popa D., (2008) The MA Studies Are a Necessity for Preschool

Teachers. International Scientific Conference „Quality in Education: Theories,

Principles and Achievements”, Institute of Educational Sciences Press, 30-31

October 2008, Part I, Chisinau, pp. 111-116, CEP USM, ISBN: 978-9975-9685-6-0;

19.Tomozii S., Popa D., (2008) Formative Bounds of the Fantasy Literature in the personality of the Adolescents. International Scientific Conference: Mentorship between art and, University of Oradea Press, Oradea, 29-31 May; ISSN 1224-62396;

Research Projects

2012 -2015 – long term expert (carrier counselor) in Project– “Start în carieră –

Bune practici europene în consilierea profesională a studenţilor români” (START

your carreer good practices in professional counseling Romanian Students),


2012 – 2015 PhD Scholarship for: Applying SPRIAL METHODOLOGY of the

EU Council for Strengthening the School – Family- Community Partnership

(active researcher, project manager);

2012-2014 – trainer and carrier counselor in: Măsuri integrate pentru stimularea

ocupării în anteprenoriatului în zonele rurale ale Regiunii Vest” (Integrated

Measures to stimulate employment and entrepreneurship in Western Regions),


2012- 2014 short-term expert in PERFORMER –Perspective ale formării prin

masterat a specialiștilor din domeniul educației timpurii și al școlarității mici la un

nivel calitativ superior” (New Perspectives on Specialists’ Education through

Master Studies in Early Childhood), POSDRU-86-1.2/S/ 6 21775, Funding line

number 86 - Quality in Superior Education; 36 months – approved project.;

2012 – international expert – Curriculum designer for university courses;


PROJECT COMENIUS ACTION 2.2, on behave of ISPEF & Transylvania

University of Brasov

2011 – 2013 researcher and member of the local action group in: Rolul dialogului social în promovarea incluziunii sociale active (Social Dialogue and Its Role in Developing Social Cohesion), developed by CRIES Association, Timisoara

Romania in Partnership with EU Council, project ID: POSDRU/93/3.3/S/62500

2010 -2011 - short-term expert” EU Standards for Accreditation of Study Programs

on BH Universities” TEMPUS project SMGR 158853-1-2009-1-SE;

2012-2013 – local coordinator in “Educatia Altfel II” (Different Education, 2nd), funded by EU Committee, through Youth in Action Program, Action 5.1.- Meetings of young people and those responsible for youth policy;

2011-2012 – local coordinator in “Educational Altfel” (Different Education) funded by EU Committee, through Youth in Action Program, Action 5.1.- Meetings of young people and those responsible for youth policy;

2007-2010 expert, researcher, member of the organizing committee of

TOUCHING Project CNCSIS, IDEI - ID 203, Phoneix PHE International

Scientific Conference, part of “Unitatea în diversitatea în contextual reformelor

curricular – clarificări conceptual în teoria curiculumului” (Unity in diversity in the Context of Curricular Reform – Conceptual Clarifications in Curriculum Theory),

IDEI-203, NR.148/01.10.2007;


Mobile telephone number: 136 9800 1244

Email address: simonatomozii@yahoo.com

Postal address: Nanchang, Jiangxi, China

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