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Name: YUAN Fang

Gender: Male

E-mail: yuanfang@gdufs.edu.cn

Address: Room 353, Faculty Office Building, the South Campus of GDUFS, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou



Labor Relations Management, Labor Economics, Rural Entrepreneurship Management, Agricultural Economics and Management, Human Resource Management



For undergraduates: Employee Recruitment and Survey, Human Resource Management, Talent Assessment

For postgraduates: Research Methodology in Management



2011.9-2016.9, Doctor of Business Administration, Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2015.2-2015.12, Visiting Scholar, USC Marshall School of Business

2007.9-2011.6, BA in Land Resource Management, School of Public Policy and Management, Huazhong Agricultural University



September 2016 - now, Associate Professor, Academic Supervisor, Yunshan Young Scholar, School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies


[1] Fang Yuan, Kai Tang*, Qinghua Shi, Weinian Qiu, Mingzhe Wang. (2022) Rural women and chemical fertiliser use in rural China. Journal of Cleaner Production (Indexed in SSCI/SCI), 344(10): 130959.

[2] Fang Yuan, Teng Zhong, Weinian Qiu, Qinghua Shi. (2021) Farmers Family Entrepreneurship Exit: An Empirical Study Based on Migrant Work Experience and Decision-making Power Allocation, Social Sciences in Yunnan (CSSCI), (4): 101-109.

[3] Teng Zhong, Yaoyao Rao, Fang Yuan* (Corresponding Author). (2021) Labor-Capital Financial Distribution and Enterprise Innovation, Finance Forum (CSSCI), (5): 50-58.

[4] Fang Yuan, Fang Lee Cooke, Teng Zhong*, Fansuo An. (2021) Family Responsibilities and Silence of Rural Workers in China: The Role of Town-Fellow Organisations, Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations (SSCI), 76(2), 211-236.

[5] Fang Yuan, Kai Tang*, Qinghua Shi. (2021) Does Internet Use Reduce Chemical Fertilizer Use?, Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Indexed in SSCI/SCI), 28, 6005-6017.

[6] Fang Yuan, Qinghua Shi. (2019) From Returning Home to Starting a Business: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Internet Access on Migrant Workers' Decision-making, South China Journal of Economics (CSSCI), (10): 61-77.

[7] Fang Yuan, Qinghua Shi. (2019) Can Entrepreneurship Reduce Poverty in Rural Areas?, Rural Economy (CSSCI), (10): 62-69.

[8] Fang Yuan, Bing Ye, Qinghua Shi. (2019) Chinese peasants' entrepreneurship and rural multi-dimensional poverty reduction: A discussion based on the "goal-oriented" multi-dimensional poverty model, Journal of Agrotechnical Economics (CSSCI), (1): 69-85.

[9] Hui Zhou, Haitao Yin*, Fang Yuan, Feng Wang. (2019) Social relationships, public media, and pro-environmental behaviors, Empirical Economics (SSCI), 57, 569–588.

[10] Fang Yuan, Qinghua Shi. (2019) On Rural Migrant WorkersWelfare of China, Beijing: China Agriculture Press.

[11] Fansuo An, Kaye Broadbent, Fang Yuan* (Corresponding Author), (2018) Employment Inequality Among Women Migrant Workers in China: Comparative analysis from the 2014 Guangdong Migrant Workers Survey, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources (SSCI Q2), 56(4), 518–538.

[12] Fang Yuan, Qinghua Shi, Hongtao Jin. (2016) Will the Residence Permit System Improve Migrant Worker Welfare?, Journal of Public Management (CSSCI), (1): 105-116.

[13] Fang Yuan, Qinghua Shi, Jianwei Zhuo. (2015) A New Explanation of Migrant Workers' Return Behavior: Based on Sen's Feasibility Theory, Human Resources Development of China (CSSCI Expanded), (1): 87-96. (Reprinted in China Social Science Excellence)

[14] Fang Yuan, Qinghua Shi, Jianwei Zhuo. (2014) Variable Decomposition of Migrant Workers’ Welfare Poverty by Functioning: Case of Shanghai, China Soft Science (CSSCI), (7): 40-59.

[15] Fang Yuan, Qinghua Shi. (2013) Re-examination of Inequality: Feasibility and Income Inequality and Migrant Worker Welfare, Management World (CSSCI), (10): 49-61. (Reprinted in China Social Science Excellence)

[16] Fang Yuan, Yinying Cai. (2012) Measurement of Welfare Changes of Land-expropriated Farmers in Suburban Areas: Taking Wulijie Town, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City as an Example, Resources Science (CSSCI), (3): 449-458.

[17] Fang Yuan, Yinying Cai. (2012) Analysis of Changes of Land Expropriation from Farmers’ Welfare and Individual Difference in City’s Suburbs, Journal of Public Management (CSSCI), (2): 76-82.

Scientific Research Projects

Longitudinal tasks as host

[1] Project supported by Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (2022A1515010637), ongoing.

[2] Yangcheng Young Scholar Project supported by Guangzhou Social Science Foundation (2022GZQN11), ongoing.

[3] Project supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (71803032), completed.

[4] Project supported by Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (2018A030313490), completed.

[5] Key Discipline Construction Program supported by Social Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (GDXK201720), completed.

[6] Project supported by Guangzhou Social Science Foundation (2018GZQN26), completed.


Crosswise tasks as participant

[1] Improve Employment Services and Create a First-class Business Environment: Research Project of the Public Service Office of Nanzhuang Town, Foshan City, 2022

[2] Research on the Strategies of Improving Business Environment and Attracting Talents in Leping Town, Foshan City, 2021

[3] Research on the Strategy and Path of Attracting Talents for the Integrated Development of Industry-Science-Talents in Leping Town, Foshan City, 2020

[4] Suggestions on Talent Development and Policy in Leping Town, Sanshui District, Foshan City, 2019

[5] Research on Vocational Training Management Issues in Guangzhou under the Background of “Delegate Power, Streamline Administration and Optimize Services”, 2018

[6] Investigation and Analysis Report on the Current Situation of Government Staff in Dali Town, Foshan City, 2018


The Second Prize of Research Excellence Award, GDUFS, 2021;

The Second Prize of Postgraduate Teaching Excellence Award, the Second Prize of Research Excellence Award, GDUFS, 2019;

Excellent paper in Guangdong Social Sciences Annual Symposium, Guangdong Social Sciences Association, 2018;

Excellent paper in Economics Frontier and Young Economists Forum on the 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening up of China, Editorial board of Economic Research Journal, 2018;

The Third Excellent Human Resource Research Award of Guangdong,  Guangdong Academy of Human Resources, 2017;

Outstanding graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2016;

China National Scholarship for Doctoral Students, 2014;

China National Scholarship for Graduate Students, 2012;

Outstanding graduate of Huazhong Agricultural University, 2011;

China National Scholarship for Bachelor Students, 2010

Part-time Academic  Position

Anonymous Reviewer of China Population Resources and Environment, Chinese Rural Economy, Journal of Agrotechnical Economics, China Rural Survey, Journal of Public Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Asian Business & Management, etc.


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