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LI Rongxi
2022-11-02 10:49  



Name: LI Rongxi

Gender: Male

E-Mail: rongxili@qq.com

Research Direction

Digital Marketing, Brand and Strategic Management, Data Analysis in Business

Education Background

Ph.D. (2002.4-2007.8) in Marketing, South West Jiaotong University (SWJTU), Chengdu, China

Master (1999.9-2002.4) in Management Science and Engineering, South West Jiaotong University

B.A. (1995.9-1999.7) in Engineering (majoring in Management Information System), South West Jiaotong University



2015.12- : Associate Professor in Department of Marketing, School of Business, Guang Dong University of Foreign Studies(GDUFS)

2019.3-2020.3: Visiting Scholar in Department of Marketing, Sawyer School of Business, Suffolk University (Boston), USA

2007.10-2015.12: Assistant Professor in Department of Marketing, School of Business, Guang Dong University of Foreign Studies(GDUFS)

2003.8-2003.10: Research Assistant(RA) in Faculty of Business, Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK), HongKong, China

Academic Papers

Journal Articles

Li Rongxi, Research on the Relation between NPD Team Knowledge Integration and Performance of NPD: Data from China, Eurasia Journal of Science and Technology, 2019, Volume 1, Issue 2,pp 39-45

Li rongxi, Study on Innovation System and Venture Capital in USA and Europe, Scientific Mosaic, 2011, No. 11: 6-9

Li rongxi and Chen li, An Empirical Research on the Relationship between Knowledge Integration and New Product Development Performance: Based on the Data from Enterprises in Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, International Economics and Trade Research, 2009, Vol.25 No.5: 41-45

Li rongxi, Consumer demand and pricing model based on the loss aversion, Statistics and Decision-making, 2008, Vol.257, No.5:52-54

Li rongxi and Chen li, Research on Consumer Perception of Price Fairness and Pricing Based on Multi-Reference Points, Commercial Research, 2006, Vol. 343, No.11:6-9

Li rongxi and Sun binfeng, suggestions for cities in Pearl River Delta based on foreign innovative and venture capital policy, Industry and Technical Economics, 2008, vol.27, No.6: 18-20

Li rongxi and Chen li, Research on knowledge share in new product development, Scientific Information, 2008, No.9:18-19

Li rongxi, Research on Chinese Luxury Consumption, Scientific Mosaic, 2008, No. 6: 9-10

Li rongxi and Guo lei, Pricing strategy based on the consumer’s reference effect, Statistics and Decision-making, 2006, Vol.255, No.10:118-119

Li rongxi, Consumer Demand and Pricing Model Based on the Reference Price, Management Review, 2006, vol.18, No.11:39-42

Li rongxi, Comparison on innovation and venture capital system between main countries in Europe, Science and Technology Progress and Policy, 2006, No.11: 45-47

Conference Papers

Li rongxi and Chen li, The research on the relation between inter-temporal knowledge integration and performance of new product development, 2011’National Conference of electrical information technology and application, 2011, Shanghai, China

Li rongxi and Chen li, The Empirical Research on Cross-functional knowledge integration and new product development, Proceedings of International Conference on Engineering and Business Management(EBM2010), 2010. 3, Chengdu, China

Li rongxi and Chen li, The Influence of Cross-Functional Knowledge Integration on Performance of New Product Development, The 3rd Chinese Academy of Management, 2008.11, Changsha, China

Academic Monographs and Textbooks

Li rongxi, as associate editor, Service Marketing (2nd edition), Electronic Industry Press, Beijing, China, 2014

Scientific Research Projects

Research on the empirical research on network structure and innovation performance within cluster networks, financed by Guangdong Scientific Foundation in Soft Science (Grant No. 2014A070703051)

Research on Improvement of innovation capability based on knowledge integration in Guangzhou enterprises, financed by Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, (Grant No. Wym11052)

Courses Taught

Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Marketing Data Analysis,

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