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LI Chunyu
2022-11-02 11:49  

LI Chunyu



Name: LI Chunyu

Gender: Female

E-Mail: chunyuli@gdufs.edu.cnchunyuli@ln.hk



Dr. Li’s research interest mainly focuses on digital marketing, including (but not limited to) the social media marketing, content marketing, Online WOM marketing and so on. She has published her research papers on many reputable journals, such as Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Tourism Management, International Journal of Hospitality Management, etc... Dr. Li is good at developing the multi-approach research design to investigate the effects of digital marketing on firm performance and customer engagement, including the behavioral experiments, econometric modeling, and quantitative modeling.



PhD: Lingnan University (Hong Kong) (2012.09-2015.08)

Mphil: Sun Yat-sen University (2004.09-2006.07)

Undergraduate: Jinan University (2000.09-2004.07)



Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (2020.01-present): Associate Professor

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (2016.09-2019.12): Lecturer

Lingnan University (Hong Kong) (2015.09-2016.08): Postdoctoral Fellow

Lingnan University (Hong Kong) (2006.12-2012.08): Full-time or part-time research assistant




Ø Junyun Liao, Chunyu Li* and Raffaele Filieric (2022), “The Role of Humor in Management Response to Positive Consumer Reviews.” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 57(2), 323-342. (Corresponding authorSSCI (JCR Q2)UK ABS 3)

---Outstanding paper award on JMS (2021) conference


Ø Chunyu Li*, Geng Cui, and Yongfu He (2020), "The role of explanations and metadiscourse in management responses to anger-reviews versus anxiety-reviews: The mediation of sense-making." International Journal of Hospitality Management 89 (2020): 102560. (First and Corresponding authorSSCI, IF6.701JCR Q1UK ABS 3*)


Ø Chunyu Li, Yongfu He, Ling Peng, and Denghua Yuan (2019), “How manufacturer brand erosion shapes consumer assortment perceptions,” Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol. 31, Issue: 5. SSCIif2.511, JCR Q2

Ø Peng, Ling, Geng Cui, Yuho Chung & Chunyu Li (2019),“A multi-facet item response theory approach to improve customer satisfaction using online product ratings,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 47(5), 960-976. FT50; SSCI, IF7.959JCR Q1, UK ABS 4*


Ø Chunyu Li*, Geng Cui, and Peng Ling (2018), “Tailoring Management Response to Negative Reviews: The Effectiveness of Accommodative versus Defensive Responses,” Computers in Human Behavior, 84, 272-284. First and Corresponding authorSSCI, IF5.00JCR Q1UK ABS 3*

Ø Jiongen Xiao, Chunyu Li*, and Ling Peng (2018), “Cross-cultural effects of self-discrepancy on the consumption of counterfeit branded luxuries,” Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol. 30, Issue: 4, pp.972-987. (Corresponding authorSSCIIF2.511JCR Q2


Ø Chunyu Li*, Geng Cui, and Peng Ling (2017), “The signaling effect of management response in engaging customers: A study of the hotel industry,” Tourism Management, 62 (Oct), 42-53. First and Corresponding authorSSCI, IF7.432JCR Q1, UK ABS 4*

Ø Chunyu Li*, Peng Ling, and Geng Cui (2017), “Picking winners: New product concept testing with item response theory,” International Journal of Market Research, 59 (3), 335-354.First and Corresponding authorSSCI

Scientific Research Projects

(1) 2019 National Natural Science Fund (Youth Project), "The Effects of Firm Generated Content (FGC) Management Strategy on Consumer Engagement and the Underlying Mechanisms" (71902044), Chair

(2) 2019 Guangdong Province Natural Science Fund, "An Empirical Study on Online Promotion Based on New Digital Channels in the Era of Internet +: A Case Study of Guangdong Enterprises" (2019A1515011232), Chair

(3) 2019 Guangdong Philosophy and Social Science Planning General Project, "The Impact and Mechanism of Online Community Participation on Consumer Risk Decision-making: A Case Study of Enterprises in Guangdong Province" (GD19CGL14), Chair.

(4) 2018 Guangdong Provincial Department of Education Innovation and Strengthening Project, "Empirical Research on Digital Marketing Channel Promotion in the "Internet +" Era--- Based on the Perspective of Construction Level Theory" (2018WTSCX031), Chair.

(5) 2017 National Natural Science Fund, "Research on the Psychological Mechanism and Management Strategy of Consumer Brand Engagement in the Context of the Internet", the 3rd participant

(6) 2017 Hong Kong Government Research Fund (GRF), "Systematic Biases in Pros-Cons Review: The Role of Sense of Community in Driving Classification Bias Behavior", the 3rd participant



Undergraduate courses: Internet Marketing, Principles of Marketing (English), Consumer Behavior (English), Thesis Writing and Research Methods in Business

MBA and Mphil: Marketing Management (English)




Dr. Li serves as an anonymous reviewer for many important journals (Chinese and English), including Tourism Management, Computers in Human Behavior, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Internet Research, Journal of Global Marketing, International Journal of Consumer Studies and Journal of Management Science (Chinese), among others.


Ø November 2021, China Marketing Science (JMS) 2017 Annual Conference

The conference presentation "The Role of Humor in Management Response to Positive Consumer Reviews" won the Outstanding Paper Award

Ø May 2019 The 13th Guangdong Provincial Social Management Research Competition

As an instructor, she guided the student team to participate in the competition and won the first prize.

Ø November 2017, China Marketing Science (JMS) 2017 Annual Conference

The conference presentation "The dynamics of managerial responses and its impact on sales" won the Best Paper Award

Ø December 2015, the Academy of International Business Conference (South Asia)

The conference paper "Online Responding as an Innovative Communication Channel to Engage Customers" won the Best Paper Award.

Ø July 2015, Lingnan University

Nominated as an Outstanding Graduate of The PhD in Business.

Ø Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2013

Her published paper "Individual Differences in Consumer Responses to Traditional Versus Virtual Concept Testing" won the journal's highest-rated award in 2013.


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