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Name: LAI Lei

Gender: Female

Native place: Nanchang, Jiangxi

Nationality: Han



Strategy management, enterprise growth




Master: Technology Economy and Management

Bachelor: Strategy Management, Marketing, Management of Marketing and Sales Channels, Advertising


Ph.D.: Ph.D. in Technical Economy and Management, Hohai University

Master: Management Science and Engineering, Hohai University

Bachelor: Bachelor of Accounting, Shangdong University of Science and Technology




July 1999-July 2001 Shenzhen Zhong Da Xin Accounting Firm

July 2006-present Guangdong University of Foreign Studies



(1) LAI Lei. (2013), Review on Researches of OEM Upgrading Theory From Different Perspectives, Modernization of Management, no.4, August 20, pp.114-116

(2) LAI Lei. (2012), The Empirical Research Frame of the Growth of Cluster Firms Based on Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS) Embeddingness, Human Geography, no.4, August 15, pp.98-102

(3) LAI Lei. (2012), Study on Global Value Chain Governance, Knowledge Transfer and Subcontracting Business Upgrading: Taking the Pearl River Delta as an Example, International Economics and Trade Research, vol.28, no.4, April 25, pp.42-51

(4) LAI Lei. (2012), The Game Behavior of Enterprises and Government in the Form of Regional Brand, Journal of Human University of Commerce, vol.19, no.15, October 28, pp.107-110

(5) LAI Lei. (2010), The Evolution and Review of the Strategy Theories of Western Organizations, Strategic Decision-making Research, July.  

(6) LAI Lei. (2009), The Embedded Equilibrium and Development of Industrial Clusters, Journal of Lanzhou Commercial College, May.

(7) LAI Lei. (2009), The Evolution and Formation of Modular Organizations from the Perspective of Labor Division Theory, Journal of the Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, February.

(8) LAI Lei. (2008), The Organizational Elements of Industrial Clusters and Ways to Build Competitive Advantages, Science and Technology Management Research, June.

(9) LAI Lei. (2008), Analysis of Industrial Clusters’ Capability Building from the Strategic Management Perspective, Science and Technology Progress and Policy, April.

(10) LAI Lei. (2007), Cultivating Competitive Advantages of Industrial Clusters Based on Dynamic Capability, Journal of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, August.  




[4] Project of the National Philosophy and Social Science Youth Fund: Growth Strategies of Cluster Firms Based on Knowledge-Intensive Business Services Embeddingness, initiation time: June 2011.

[5] Breeding Project of Guangdong Provincial Department of Education: Research of The Growth Mechanism of Guangdong Cluster Firms Based on Knowledge-Intensive Business Services Embeddingness, initiation time: October 2010

[6] Project of Guangzhou Social Science Planning: The Research of Social Capital and the Growth of Cluster Firms from the Perspective of Network Embeddingness, initiation time: June 2010.



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