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ZHOU Yusheng
2022-11-02 15:18  



Name: ZHOU Yusheng

Gender:  Male

Nationality: Chinese

Research Interest:  

Business marketingMarketing StrategyMarketing channelBrand Equity;

Corporate finance (Corporate M&A; Corporate Control and Capital Market.)



Marketing Strategy;  Marketing Channel, Strategic Band Management;  Finance Marketing,  Marketing Investment;



Doctor: Ph.D. in School of business administrationSouth China University of Technology. (Corporate finance and Capital market)

Master: management school, Jinan University. (Marketing)



2008.12-present Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, School of business, Marketing Department,

Publications& Projects


1. Corporate control allocation, industry competition and R & D investment intensity (2016. Science Research Management)

2. Corporate control, Capital Liquidity and M&A Performance (2015, Economic Theory and Economic Management)

3. Capital liquidity, M&A mode and M&A Performance (2015, Business Economics and Management)

4. Centralized Ownership Structure, Allocation of Control Rights and M&A Performance (2014, Journal of Shanxi Finance and Economics University);

5. A Study on Product Market Competition and the Governance Effect of Control Right Allocation (2014, Modern Finance and Economics-Journal of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics);

6. The Behavioral Effects of Corporate Control on MA in Companies with Centralized Equity (2014, Journal of Capital University of Economics and Business);

7. The Double-sided Governance Effects of Major Shareholder with Different Styles and Control Rights in Heterogeneous Firm (2014, Journal of Tianjin University of Commerce);

8. Excess-Control Rights and Balance of Shareholders, the Double Agent Effect in Company Control (2013, Journal of Shanxi Finance and Economics University);

9. Firm Heterogeneity, the Allocation of Control Rights and Corporate value (2012, Journal of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics);

10. Large Shareholders Style, Ownership Concentration, Ownership and Corporate Value (2013, Journal of Shijiazhuang University of Economics);

11. Corporate Governance, The Allocation of Control Rights and the Value of the Company, Benefits of Control (2013, Journal of Yichun college);

12. Supplier Retailer Relationship Crisis and Countermeasures (Commercial Economy Wen Hui); Integrated Marketing Communication Obstacle and Countermeasure Analysis; The Competitiveness of the Commercial Chain Enterprises in The Analysis of Current Situation and Development; International Value Chain and Value Net analysis of Enterprise Mode Based on.



1. Guangzhou Academy of social sciences plan project "the allocation of control rights and the modern economic growth" (chair);

2. Social science planning project of Ministry of education “fund investment style drift risk measure and control" (in)

3. The project of Guangdong Province soft science” policy and regulation of comprehensive evaluation technology Guangdong model" (in)

4. The Ministry of education and Social Sciences Planning project "under the mode of supply chain management of supplier and retailer strategic alliance" (in);

5. Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance project “Research on the investment and financing of high-tech enterprises of globalization” (in);


Address: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, School of business, Marketing Department,

Phone: 020-39328562


Email: zys118@163.com


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