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Name: FENG Ran

Gender: Female

E-Mail: carolfung@oamail.gdufs.edu.cn,516385830@qq.com




Cross-border E-commerce, E-commerce Service Innovation, Network Governance, Business Data Analysis



Ø Economics, Jinan University, China

Ø Information System & Technology in Commerce, Macquarie University, Australia

Ø Senior Applied IT Specialist (Data Analysis), Australian Computer Society (ACS)

Ø Lecturer and Committee Member, All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, 2003

Ø Visiting Scholar, Westminster University, UK, 2015




Director and Professor of E-commerce Major, School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS)


Dean and Associate Professor, Department of International Economics and Trade, GDUFS


Lecturer (100% teaching in English), MBA Education Center, GDUFS


Associate Professor and Lecturer, Department of E-commerce, GDUFS


Expert Researcher, China Association of Trade in Services

Senior Researcher, Research Center for International Trade and Economics, GUFDS

Senior Researcher, Guangdong Digital Trade Institute



Prof. Feng published more than 30 professional papers related to cross-border e-commerce and e-commerce in journals listed in the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI), the Chinese version of SSCI, including Reform, Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Social Sciences), International Economics and Trade Research, International Business (Journal of University of International Business and Economics), Economic Survey, and Journal of Henan Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), and in other foreign journals in social sciences. Moreover,

she participated in the compilation of the Blue Book series of China’s national key publishing project, including Blue Book of Foreign Trade and Economic of Guangdong (2020-2021), Blue Book of Foreign Trade and Economic of Guangdong (2018-2019), Blue Book of Foreign Trade and Economic of Guangdong (2017-2018), Blue Book of Foreign Trade and Economic of Guangdong (2015-2016), and Research Report on Cross-border E-commerce in Guangdong Province (2016-2017), all published by national second-class publishers. She also published several research reports that won her research awards from China Association of Trade in Services, such as Research on the Regulation and Development of Cross-border E-commerce in China, Analysis of the Integrated Tax for Cross-border E-commerce in China, and Research on the Development of Cross-border E-commerce in BRI Countries. These researches focus on domestic and international cross-border e-commerce, data transmission, regulatory rules and laws for consumer personal data protection and related policy trends, innovative forms of e-commerce services in the business field and their resulting effects.

Prof. Feng has been invited several times onto Radio The Greater Bay, a radio programme offered by state-run China National Radio, to speak on policy trends, events and government measures related to cross-border e-commerce, such as the State Council’s approval of establishing integrated pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce in 46 cities and areas and the opening of China (Guangzhou) Cross Border E-Commerce Fair and the First Shopping Festival in the Greater Bay Area, etc. These programmes were premiered and rebroadcast on FM frequency 101.2 in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, 98.0 in Guangzhou, 93.2 in Foshan, and 105.4 in Zhuhai and Macau, reaching a huge mass of audiences in southern China and nationwide.

She has also been invited several times by Southern Finance News to express her views and suggestions on the expansion of integrated cross-border e-commerce pilot zones in Guangdong Province and on Guangdong’s advantageous industries.

Scientific Research Projects

She has been responsible for many provincial scientific research projects, including the Social Science Project in Guangdong Province and the Soft Science Project funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and provincial education projects including the Teaching Reform in Higher Education in Guangdong Province and Guangdong’s Postgraduate Teaching Reform.



Prof. Feng has been teaching in the field of e-commerce for many years. The courses delivered by her include Cross-border E-commerce, Introduction to E-commerce, Business Data Analysis, etc. She has published a number of textbooks. She is the deputy editor of Principle of Cross-border E-commerce (Import), Principle of Cross-border E-commerce (Export) and the cross-border e-commerce chapter of Import Trade Practice, all published by national second-class publishers, as well as International E-commerce. She is also the chief editor of Data Analysis in Commerce—Case Study on Modeler software.


Academic Position

Expert Researcher, China Association of Trade in Services;

Senior Researcher, Research Center for International Trade and Economics, GUFDS;

Senior Researcher, Guangdong Digital Trade Institute;


She has received the following awards many times:

l Excellent Teaching Award for Postgraduate Courses (related courses of both professional and academic master’s programs, taught in Chinese or 100% English)

l Distinguished Undergraduate Thesis Supervisor Award (E-commerce major and International Trade major)

l Excellent Teaching Award for Undergraduate Courses and GDUFS’s Caltex Award

l 2nd prize of the Research Award by the China Association of Trade in Services

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