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MA Qiuzhuo
2022-11-02 11:27  



Name: MA Qiuzhuo

Gender: Male

Native Place: Changsha, Hunan Province

Ethnic Group: Han

Date of Birth: Aug. 1984



Logistics System Optimization, Low-carbon Operations and Production, Agricultural Operations and Production, Innovative Planning in Energy Application



For undergraduate students: International Logistics Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Logistics System Planning and Design

For master’s students: Data Mining, Research Methods in Management Studies

For international students: Supply Chain Management

For MBA/EMBA students: Introduction to Operations Management

Educational Background

Ph.D. (Sept. 2010-Dec. 2014): Management Science and Engineering, Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen University

Visiting scholar (Dec. 2012-Feb. 2014): Department of Decision Sciences, Business School, National University of Singapore

Master (Sept. 2007-Jul. 2009): Logistics and Supply Chain Management, GDUFS

Bachelor (Sept. 2003-Jul. 2007): Electronic Information Science and Technology, Hengyang Normal University



Mar. 2018-present: teacher, GDUFS School of Business

Jan. 2015-Mar. 2018: teacher, School of Economics and Management, South China Agricultural University

Sept. 2009-Jul. 2010: teacher, Department of Commerce and Trade, Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and Trade



[1] Ma Q.Z., Paudel, K.P., Bhandari, D., Theegala, C., Cisnero, M. Implications of poultry litter usage for electricity production. Waste Management, 2019 (SCI, accepted);

[2] Ma Q.Z., Paudel, K., Gu, L.T., Wen, X.W. An application of a cardinality -constrained multiple benchmark tracking error model on a plant enterprise selection problem. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 2018(449): 1-37 (SSCI);

[3] Ma Q.Z., Paudel, K.P., Gu, L.T. A multi-objective optimization problem for using poultry litter in electricity production. Applied Energy, 2018(228): 1220-1242 (SCI);

[4] Huang, D.J., Ma Q.Z., Feng, L.Y. Applying data mining to china’s swine farming industry: a compromise perspective of economic, environmental and overall performance. Sustainability, 2018, 10(7): 2374-2374) (corresponding author; SSCI);

[5] Chen, F.B., Ma Q.Z., Huang, W.B. Farm households’ rice production behavior in China under separability assumption: a metaheuristic optimization approach. Natural Resource Modeling, 2019 (published online; corresponding author; SSCI);

[6] Ma Q.Z., Song, H.Q., J.Q., Zhu, W.B. Low-carbon airline fleet assignment: a compromise approach. Journal of Air Transportation Management, 2017 (SSCI/SCI);

[7] Ma Q.Z., Song, H.Q., J.Q., Chen, G.Y.Dynamic optimal production strategies based on the inventory-dependent demand under cap-and-trade mechanism. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2014 (SCI/SSCI);

[8] Ma Q.Z., Huang, D.J., Li H. quantitative study on the multilevel governance of garbage disposal in china’s rural areas: focusing on fiscal decentralization optimization in the selection of landfill location. Journal of Environmental Management (Under Review; SSCI/SCI)

[9] Chen,.C., Ma Q.Z., Huang, D.J. Multi-index performance analysis of China’s pig breeding industry: comparison based on decision tree, SC classification and k-means clustering. Journal of Management Sciences in China (CSSCI, under review);

[10] Ma Q.Z., Song, H.Q., Chen, G.Y. Product pricing and production decision under carbon trading mechanism. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, 2014(2) (CSSCI; published);

[11] Ma Q.Z., Song, H.Q., Chen, G.Y. Research on product pricing and production decision-making under the supply chain environment considering the carbon-trading mechanism. Chinese Journal of Management Science, 2014(8) (CSSCI; published);

[12] Ma Q.Z., Wang, J., Song, H.Q. Small-scaled low carbon multi-vehicle routing problem in urban area: an example from the regional picking-up network of Zhuhai Express Company. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, 2016(4) (CSSCI; published);

[13] Ma Q.Z., Song, H.Q., Chen, G.Y. Research on Monopolistic Firm’s Optimal Pricing, Carbon Emission Strategies and Government Carbon Taxation in the Context of CDM Mechanism. Operations Research and Management Science, 2015(12) (CSCD; published);

[14] Ma Q.Z., Li, Q., Song, H.Q. Low-carbon generation grid expansion strategy: a case study of China Southern Power Grid. Operations Research and Management Science, 2017(2) (CSCD; published);

[15] Huang, D.J., Ma Q.Z., Li, H. Abusive management, psychological contract violation and workplace deviation: based on the analysis of the characteristics of primary civil servants’ positions. Business Review, 2017(3) (CSSCI).



Presided over:

1. Project of GDUFS “Research on the innovation of teaching method in management courses from the perspective of management micro-consulting” from 2018 to 2019

2. Project of South China Agricultural University “Research on optimal strategy of sustainable development and operation of community farms” from 2015 to 2017;

3. Project of South China Agricultural University “Quality English Teaching Program” from 2017 to 2018.



Reviewer of Journal of Air Transportation Management, Natural Resource Modeling, Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Chinese Journal of Management Science, etc.



Address: Rm 301, MBA Building, North Campus of GDUFS

Email: mqz008@sina.com

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